The Bakers Dozen Show (8/5)

  • Though they are not what we come here necessarily to talk about, Phish has been on a warpath to get to NYC and take over until our boys come to town 8/5. If things keep trending upwards that second to last show should be a doozy which means a sold out BB Kings crowd of mind blown phans and nerds (or both) will be clamoring for some semblance of reality. I don't think the SpaffLords are gonna give us anything to hold onto other than our shoes.
    Last year's 12/30 American Beauty show was my first and continues to be one of my favorites and I totally trust in the band to deliver another rager. Eyes of Thieves opener last year, I'm calling an America opener because its the best opener. Whachu think?

  • I haven't listened to the Pittsburgh show yet but the other 4 from the Phish run have been very good. Not without the typical flubs that have come to signify 3.0. It makes me a bit crazy that Trey can't be bothered to practice his parts or remember how they go.

    With that said nobody lays a jam down like Phish. The Type II shit that's coming out in these seconds sets is second to none. I'm pretty pumped to get 13 shows as webcasts to watch. I also don't think it's a coincidence that Spafford got that Saturday night after show spot. This is going to be a huge moment for the boys and nothing but good can come from it. I only wish I could make it back east for that night.

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    @Toys-n-Tots The 8/5 show is gonna be a heater. It sold out a month in advance, and it's gonna be a lot of people's first shows both in general and people's first time seeing the band with Cameron. I'm hoping for either an America, VBD, or Weasel opener

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    @myanruth I will take any of the above openers! Having only seen them twice, between 7/30 and 8/5 I'm hoping to hear lots of what I haven't heard live yet. But whatever the Spaff brings, I have a feeling I'm going to be pleased as punch. Looking forward to raging with you all soon!

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    @Johnny-Love I really hope I can get off work for the 7/30 show. I can't think of many things better than a free spafford show on the beach

  • @myanruth dude now that you mention it i'd take a gnarly Virtual Bean Dip to set the tempo for the rest of the show

  • @myanruth @Johnny-Love only words I needed when I saw the Rowaynton show listed were: (1) Spafford (2) Beach (3) FREE. Gonna be big fun

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    @Toys-n-Tots said in The Bakers Dozen Show (8/5):

    @myanruth dude now that you mention it i'd take a gnarly Virtual Bean Dip to set the tempo for the rest of the show

    The very first Spafford song I heard live was VBD, at the Philly show this past January. If you haven't heard this version before definitely do yourself a favor and listen to it. Needless to say after that I was hooked.

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    @Toys-n-Tots yeah I'm curious what attendance will be like: More nerds than locals? Vice versa? 40 ppl? 400,000? Rowayton '17 could be the next Yasgurs '69, you never know. @myanruth good luck getting off work, may the nerds be ever in your favor

  • So do we think this will be 1 set or 2 sets? Also do you think the band will go to MSG prior to their show?

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    @Cody-Soule if I had to guess I would say 1 set, the werks played the same place last night, but I can't find their set list to see how many sets they played. And I can see them going to the phish show the night before theirs, they'll be close enough

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    Anyone have a line on any extras for 8/4 or 8/6?

  • If anyone out there wants a Saturday Aug. 5th ticket, I have an extra. I'm looking for a Saturday Aug. 5th Phish ticket. I'll give cash and the Spafford ticket for the Phish ticket. Let me know!

  • ISO 2 tickets for 2 tapers for the 8/5 show. Will flip you copies super quick.

  • @jbartol let me know when you get the show posted and we'll get it linked up in the SpaffBase.

  • @damian Will do!

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    No stream?

  • Anybody got the setlist from last night? I've seen pieces of it but unsure of the exact order. Looked sick af.

  • @BushCow
    It's up in the spaffbase: 8/5/2017 BB King's

  • Who was there? Let's get a report and some pictures!

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