Guest List Spots

  • I will use this topic keep an updated list of open guest list spots.

    ** If the show is not listed either the spot has been taken or there is not a spot to give. Not all shows have guest list spots and I will be removing the items from the list once the spot has been filled. VIP Shows will NOT have a guest list spot. Recording will be allowed but a ticket will need to be purchased.

    To request a spot you must email me at: . I will send an email reply to notify you that you have a spot on the guest list or not.

    Taping Policy:
    Audience only soundboard and stage access will not be permitted. Recordings are expected to be seeded to the Spafford collection on ( If you can't do this but can get me the show I will do it for you).

    For any video requests you need to contact the bands management. No unauthorized video will be allowed.

    The band is in charge so please respect their requests and be professional. You are representing the band and working for them.

    I currently have one guest list spot available for the following shows. (Just one spot no plus one's).

    Grout - Spafford Archivist

    2020-01-22 Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola FL
    2020-01-24 Culture Room Fort Lauderdale FL
    2020-01-25 1904 Music Hall Jacksonville FL
    2020-02-03 Blind Tiger Greensboro NC
    2020-02-08 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn NY
    2020-02-28 Ullr's Tavern Winter Park CO
    2020-02-29 Ullr's Tavern Winter Park CO
    2020-03-01 Ullr's Tavern Winter Park CO
    2020-03-04 Mesa Theater Grand Junction CO
    2020-03-06 10 Mile Music Hall Frisco CO
    2020-03-07 10 Mile Music Hall Frisco CO
    2020-03-10 Schmiggity's Steamboat Springs CO
    2020-03-11 Schmiggity's Steamboat Springs CO
    2020-03-17 Park City Live Park City UT
    2020-03-19 Knotty Pine Victor ID
    2020-03-20 The Rialto Bozeman MT
    2020-03-21 Top Hat Lounge Missoula MT
    2020-03-22 The Hive Sandpoint ID
    2020-03-24 The Shakedown Bellingham WA
    2020-03-27 Volcanic Pub Bend OR
    2020-03-28 Neumos Seattle WA
    2020-04-02 Sweetwater Music Hall Mill Valley CA
    2020-04-03 Belly Up Solana Beach CA

    Once again
    To request a spot you must email me at: . I will send an email reply to notify you that you have a spot on the guest list or not.

  • @archive-it Did you see my request for State College, PA? If not no big deal, I'm still going but if it was still available or you already tagged me for it that would be great (Chris Imburgia)

  • @Focker I'm pretty sure you're on the list. I thought I saw some behind the scenes communication that spoke to it. I'd wait for a final confirmation from @archive-it but I think you're good.

  • @Focker Chris, sent email and you reply'ed yesterday. You are all set.

  • @archive-it got it, cheers!

  • Hey there. I am on the guest list to tape Antone’s in Austin next Saturday. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to make it. I live in Dallas and was scheduled to be in Austin that weekend for work, but that has changed and I now have my boys Nov. 2-4. I wanted to let you know so you have time to open the spot and get someone else to cover the Austin Show. I know of another Austin taper I can reach out to in cas he can make it.

    Also, I spoke this past Thursday to the Dallas taper Don Olker about the Sunday show at Dallas House of Blues. He likely can’t make it now either, but I can do Dallas since I’m in town. Any chance we can swap guest list spots if he confirms this? Sorry for the confusion.

    Chris Lambert

  • @CorFitChris Hey man. I'll let @archive-it get back to you on the details. I'll just say I'm bummed because I really like your past pulls. :) Hope we still get you for Dallas. :)

  • @damian thanks. I also bummed, I’ve never been to Austin or Antone’s for a show. Was looking forward to it. Thanks

  • @CorFitChris @damian This. Is. SIIIIICKKKK!!!!

  • Cleared with the wife, Im good for the last 4 Florida dates/

  • @archive-it
    I can do miltown

  • @teamikoiko Woohoo!!

  • Taper for 3.9.18 at the ﹰTop ﹰHat in ﹰMissoula, ﹰMﹰT.

  • I can tape the San Rafael show for 2018-03-03. Their website mentions something about no taping?

  • @teamikoiko, @tyedyejon, @markrsmith , @moricle

    I'm super psyched to see you guys stepping up already to get the ball in motion. Please make sure that you send an email to @archive-it following the instructions in the top post of this thread. He needs those emails for book keeping and to have a more legit means to contact you in case the need arises. It's great to post on this thread that you're in for taping but you're not officially 'on the list' until you email Grout and get a response from him.

    Can't wait to hear what you guys pull.

  • I can cover Cleveland Heights if needed.

  • Please put myself and Aaron down for 2/28/2017 Solano Beach. We are both plannign on recording. Stoked The Higgs are opening 5 shows this tour!!!

  • Hey guys, please make sure that you send a message to Grout using the contact info at the top of this thread

  • I will send a email shortly.

  • Will a list for Fall tour 2018 dates available for tapers be presented here?

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