Winter Tour ‘19 Thread

  • Whose getting stoked for Spafford I’m the New Year? Where are you seeing them? Any predictions, desires? I’m hitting Buffalo, Syracuse and Philadelphia. Hoping for some new tunes, some setlist variation and maybe a few new covers as well. See ya out there!

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    @603Brett def hitting up Filthadelphia.., don’t think I can pull off Syracuse but would love to. My friend used to live right around the corner from Westcott... if I can figure out a crazy enough plan I might do it.

    New tunes and covers would be nice. I think they’ll drop some at NYE like they did last years. A new instrumental would be dope ... feels like all the new songs lately have vocal parts - not complaining, Ima lyrical nerd at heart, but a new VBD, IAB, Funkadelic type track would be dope..

    See you in the 215 homie! And maybe in the ,,, whatever the fuck Syracuse’s area code is!

  • My wife and I have been planning a trip to Oregon for two years for our 15th anniversary. In an absolute stroke of luck, or gift from God, the dates we picked? March 12-19. And what do you know, Spafford releases their tour dates and they're playing Portland on the 16th and Eugene on the 17th. Some things were just meant to be I guess. Can't wait!

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    @GeorgeBailey that’s some Serendipitous Bean Dip, the other SBD

  • @Johnny-Love Can’t wait for Philthy...but rumor has it there might be a fabulous meet up prior to the Syracuse show. Always hopeful to see you at any show Mr. Love.

  • @GeorgeBailey The Universe has spoken!

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