I'm Killing It! Sticker Raffle #1: First Spafford Show

  • Ok 'nerds! Here's the deal. In order to get entered into the first I'm Killing It! sticker raffle, make a post in this thread describing your first Spafford show! It's really that simple! Get creative because...

    If your post is the most upvoted post in the thread, you will automatically win 100 stickers! (You'll also get an "I'm Killing It!" badge on this site!) If you post about your first Spafford show in this thread and don't have the most upvoted post, you will be entered into a random drawing. 6 people chosen at random will win 100 stickers each. We'll keep the thread open for a week and then announce the winners in here and contact them via private chat. GOOD LUCK!!!

    I'm Killing It!

  • Ohhh vwooowww very nice stickers...I would like to get a pack

  • @mcbwahh Describe your first Spafford show to be entered into the raffle

  • Just got out of a rockin' Phish show on 12.30.16 and made the 2-3 block trek through New Wook City to American Beauty. Having only listened to Spafford a handful of times before I was beyond blown away by the absolute shred fest that ensued. Brian laying down the nastiest licks and power stances, Jordan just romping the funk beats on the bass, Red blowing minds on the keys, and Nick keeping it all in time. There was a full on rage cage that a fellow Nerd hoped into and nearly tore down with his psychedelic power moves... another bruh tried to out perform him, but it just simply was not possible. Then to top it all off I got a much desired Salamander song. Needless to say my hetty crew and I had a firemost night. Can't wait to catch Spafford show!

  • While I had been a fan of Spafford for a while I'd never gotten a chance to see them live, being firmly an east coaster and all. I had always maintained that the first time they played the east coast, I would be there no matter what. Lo and behold, they announced the two American Beauty post-YEMSG shows, so the time was finally right. Until those shows, I would never be found at a post-Phish musical event, because why would you taint the evening with lesser aural entertainment? Spafford's American Beauty shows changed all that for me. When they took the stage, I got IT, if you know what I mean. Very very few bands do IT for me, and Spafford is very high on that list.

    As an added bonus, my lodging for the YEMSG run last year just so happened to be the house that Spafford themselves were staying in, so my first introduction to live Spafford included hanging out with the band for a few days. That more or less sealed the deal with them being one of my most favorite bands since, as most of you know, they are also just extremely cool guys to hang out with.

  • 6up

    I had listened to a few SBD's of Spafford prior to my 1st show.. I really liked their music and their style..
    My 1st LIVE Spafford show was 2/3/17.. The boys opened for UM..
    They opened with VBD.. and closed with an almost 20 minute Leave the light on..
    LOVED it.. I wanted (2) sets.. not 4 songs..
    Now dont get me wrong,UM is a great band,but both me and my nephew both walked outta the fillmore that night wanting more spafford..
    I've been hooked ever since..

  • My first show was 5/31/14. It was a free show at the lazy dog in Boulder. Sashi told me I had to come up and check out this band I'd never heard of, Spafford. I figured why not? It was a Saturday night and a good excuse to hang out with Sashi and Diana. Spafford CRUSHED it! Exceeded my expectations by soooo much. I assume I'll never be seeing them for free again cause they're too damn good! haha

  • $$$

    LOL! The 'Nerd tearing that cage down is the same 'Nerd offering stickers to you now! That was definitely a show highlight!

  • Asheville this year, UM afterparty. My birthday. Post show, we stopped at the hotel for a breather. Vicodin was needed for my friend's lady aches and also my bday and generally always broken feet, and chocolate cake was also eaten in large quantities. My friends brought the cake to me from a bakery in VA. Worth the trip. Not so great for motivation. Arrived to my first Spafford show in time for the encore w Anders Osborne. Not much of a show - and I mean that pretty literally since we saw about 5-10 mins of it - but still amazing 🍫🎂💊

  • I listened to the band for about 2 months and there wasn't really anything I disliked. They were coming to dekalb and the Chicago shows sold out. The venue in dekalb closed and I emailed the band to figure out wtf was going on. They didn't know it closed either so they decided on the Ottawa show. Free show, about 2.5 hrs from where I lived. Made the trip, got there early and had no idea what to expect. There had to be about 50-60 people there. Probably one of the cooler experiences I've ever had. Before the show Jordan was just sitting at the bar alone drinking a beer. The infamous Lopez sat behind us eating wings. Met Jordan, Brian, and Nick after the show and just shot the shit. To be apart of this small community watching them grow is awesome. Explaining who they are and what they play isn't always easy, but I'm sure everyone in the community is singing their praises.

  • @catfishsteve I remember those wings. They were terrible. Under cooked and under sauced!

  • LOVE this idea! I learned about Spafford in line at a String Cheese Show in Las Vegas. I told someone in line I had just moved to AZ and was exploring the music scene, and he mentioned this band Spafford and I was intrigued. A month later, I was able to see my first show ever at McDowell Mountain Music Festival. The day was perfect, and hearing Beautiful Day for the first time I was hooked. It was a very large stage for the band, but it was clear the people there at 11 AM were passionate about this music and it was a scene I wanted to be a part of. 12 shows later, and 2 moves around the country, and I am blessed this band is touring and killing it more than ever!

  • $$$

    Spafford really does get IT more than most. I don't know another band in the scene that's better with Information Technology!

  • I had been listening to spafford for months and dying for them to finally make it east of the Mississippi. Finally they announced a run through the Midwest and were playing at my favorite bar in Chicago, tonic room. When it sold out I knew the show was gonna be a killer show. Did both shows stood right up front and haven't stopped listening since. From buying lotus tickets to just see spafford to riding rail front and center at summer camp, this band has what it takes to be the next best thing. Love all you spaffnerds and look out for neckvalley on spafford lot one day ✌️

  • First Spafford show i remember all of the evening...

    Got done with work in Neenah, WI around 5:30pm. Headed over to my buddies house in Neenah to pre-game, got two friends to join that had no idea about Spafford. Went to a local bar for some dinner and more drinks before heading over to the infamous Cranky Pats. Cranky's is a super small venue most known for their thin crust pizza (which is my favorite). I know the band members did not really like the pizza when I asked them, same with Sashi, haha. After dinner we headed over to Cranks, I am very familiar with everyone and everything at Crankys so I was in my natural habitat. When Spafford started, I could instantly tell these guys had talent for sure. They had that place bumpin' louder and crazier (in a good way) than I have ever heard. This is the show where the Pizza Jam comes from. I had noooo idea they jammed for that long until after I got familiar with their songs, and read an article about that specific show. I went in with high expectations, and came out jaw dropped and face melted. And I STILL get that feeling at every show I have been to after. I do recall meeting Jordan (in the back alley between sets) and I recall meeting Brian. Needless to say the convo's I had weren't much because I was so in awe, and slightly too intoxicated for a Thursday night, and with work in the morning that following Friday. I bought a shirt, both live CD's, and a tour poster. The rest is history, I have traveled to AZ from WI for the LEL shows in April, and I will continue to travel for these guys.


  • @spacejam That square cut pizza is the bomb diggity

  • @Chris-Ogor-Lopez oh without a doubt..I need to pay cranks a visit soon. It's been awhile

  • My first show was in Flagstaff - Green Room - July 2016.
    Thanks to this amazing girl I met April '16..I now know about Spafford. They are her favorite band.
    I decided to surprise her with tix.
    A few weeks prior, the band put up a contest for a ticket give away. I never win anything. This time was different.
    I told her about it and that we were going. She was a sooo happy.
    When we got to the show, I had to show proof of me to get the ticket. This guy handed me my ticket. I told him this was my first Spafford show and couldn't believe I won a ticket. He gave me a hug and said welcome to the family. That was Jordan. Now I'm 5 shows in...and can't wait for the next one.

  • Warning - this is long enough to be a short story. Haha.

    My first Spafford show was in Buffalo, NY on 2/1/2017. I had been listening to the band for a few months, initially drawn in by the Live: March 2015 release, I was instantly hooked on the other official live releases too, and the 10/29/16 show was crucial early on. I joined the Spaffnerds group right away - in December, I believe, and soon after that, their tour with Umphrey's was announced. I was so excited for the chance to see Spafford (in Rochester) after just recently discovering them.

    Well, as we know, Spafford didn't end up playing in Rochester with UM due to the place being very small. Super bummed to say the least, but, lucky for me, they were playing in Buffalo the next week. I had already decided I was going to the Buffalo show awhile back, I considered Spafford one of my top favorite bands by now, and there was no way I would be satisfied by just an opening set! I had been preaching Spafford to my friend Kyle ever since I discovered them, and I don't think he was completely hooked until he saw them for the first time in Albany opening for UM. I convinced him to make the 3.5 hr trek from Albany to Rochester so that he could come to Buffalo with us, and he is definitely happy he did!

    We drove out to Buffalo on a cold Wednesday night and made it into Iron Works just in time to see Mike & Dave from Aqueous opening the show. I already knew that I was buying both of the Jon Rose posters that were available (tour poster and show poster), so as soon as we walked in I was eyeing the merch booth - but there was nobody there! During the opening set, I finally saw someone at the table and ran over. I ended up up meeting Sashi there, and he seemed ecstatic that I was buying both posters - he even gave me a band signed tour poster, so I was pumped! The posters came to $50, I got $60 out of the ATM, and I was like - is there anything else I can buy, I mean I've got this $10 left that isn't going to do me any good. He ended up giving me a shirt and 2 wristbands for that $10, and he even gave my girlfriend a wristband because she was jealous of mine! One thing that he said then will stick in my head - "It's nice to have fans!"

    Anyways, onto the actual show - hopefully you all have listened to this one already, but if you haven't, I definitely recommend it! The Dream Jam to start off the show was beautiful, I was no Spafford expert at that point, but I was stumped trying to figure out what it is they were going to play - either way, I knew we were in for a treat that night. 35 minutes later was the first time they stopped playing, and we couldn't believe it! The band was certainly locked in that night, and I'd like to say that we were a part of that - many times throughout the night I would open my eyes and catch Brian, Jordan, or Red watching us dancing in the front. There were maybe 75 people at the show, and only a handful that had actually listened to Spafford before. It was awesome to see everyone reacting to the music, and I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing Spafford in Buffalo of all places! I'm pretty sure I shed a few tears throughout the night lol. The one song I really wanted to hear was LTLO and sure enough, that closed out the set and put the cherry on top for me. After the show, I called out to Sashi hoping he would grab me a setlist, and thankfully he did! Kyle and I ran into Brian and Jordan and shot the shit with them for a few minutes, they were genuinely nice people, and definitely appreciated us being there that night, but the pleasure was all ours! Safe to say, this show will always be one of my favorites, for the music, and for the experience!

  • Ours friends were in town performing with their band, Fruition, at the Sail Inn. We arrived early to chill with the band; it had been a little while since we had seen them and it was one of their relatives birthday! We were told there was an opener, but they never showed up, or so we thought.... Fruition played a great set of music. Afterwards were hanging out, drinking beer, and taking shots of tequila, when some dudes casually walk in and start setting up. These guys got their equipment setup, got on stage and said "What's up Tempe?", then jumped right in to All My Friends. Needless to say, we skipped the birthday party and stayed for the Spafford Rage instead! It was a great decision.

    Show: 2013-03-09

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