Nerd Alert: Happy Second Birthday!

  • Nerds! It's almost impossible to believe it's been two whole years since we released 1.0. What an amazing adventure it's been growing the site and participating in this community. When we began there were only the most basic features available on the site. In fact, we didn't even link to recordings, just setlists and songs. This forum didn't exist either. It was, as we say in the industry, a minimally viable product... and from there we grew.

    Since that time we've added:

    • A forum
    • Stats
    • Recordings
      • A bot to scan Nugs and Archive to add recordings
      • User submitted recordings
    • Social media announcements
    • An embedded media player
    • A twitter bot to watch the band's twitter and update setlists
    • An Alexa Skill to listen to Spafford on your Alexa
    • A store with custom merch
    • A video game
    • and more

    Spaffnerds 3.0

    Today we're launching Spaffnerds 3.0. For the true nerds (geeks) among us, this is a fully serverless backend running on AWS Lambda and API Gateway. Test coverage is near 90% and in general the code is much easier to support and extend.

    But the biggest benefit for you guys is more stability. During the Florida shows we had so many people on the site that the 2.0 backend fell over. It couldn't handle the amount of traffic it was getting. Fortunately it automatically restarts, but it was pretty clear that the time to go serverless was now and we were ready to do it.

    To celebrate today's launch we're giving away stuff, because that's how we (and the cuttlefish) do.

    Check out the new release of by heading over to the homepage and poking around. Please let me know if you see any bugs :)


    Some details on the prizes:
    We'll draw for first, second, and third choice. That means if you win first, you choose from this list. Second takes from the remaining 2 prizes, and third is just happy to have won. ;)

    The FAO Vinyl does not include the special edition print. Apologies. I didn't snap one up when they first went on sale. As my wife says, "You snooze, you lose."

    The shirt and pin prize will include a shirt. But if you've already bought one, or we're out of stock in your size, we'll work out a replacement for you.

    Finally, the nugs subscriptions is the standard 1 year that we give away.


    You guys know how we do these contests. We'll draw next Saturday, April 27th at 12:00 PM Arizona Time (3pm Eastern). All you have to do is reply to this post to be entered, though you should definitely tell us a story about your favorite moment from the Winter tour, your favorite Spafford moment, or what you had for breakfast. It doesn't really matter, but be interesting, because it's better than boring.

    New Merch

    We're giving away 2 of the 3 new offerings that are available in the store. Go check them out. There's a super exclusive 4 pack of candy nerd pins. Seriously, we have 4 sets. You should by them immediately.


    Super Exclusive 4 pack of Pins
    2 pack of Candy Nerd Pins, Glitter and Glow


    Official Spaffnerds Shirt
    shirt front
    shirt back

  • @damian thanks for everything!

  • I had a wonderful time it in California. It was cool. I did cool things with cool people and it was tight af fr fr

  • I had a banana and oikos triple zero vanilla yogurt for breakfast as well, FYI

  • Thanks nerds..I’m still scrubbing the filth off from the first time we all took that first dirtbath in DC!

  • Exciting

  • Happy Birthday! And thank you @damian for all of your hard work and dedication.
    Had a great time with my friends out on Winter Tour. Buffalo was a great town and a killer show...probably my favorite of the ones I saw.

  • I LOVE YOU SPAFFORD, I was in South America for all of winter tour but my favorite part was that all my friends had their faces melted

  • Happy Birthday, 420, and Easter! 3 nights in Florida in the middle of winter... killing it!

  • Getting photobombed by Brian in Jax this past winter tour was my favorite. We took a picture just before and after so our reactions were priceless!

  • Happy Birthday Nerds! Can’t wait for this New Orleans show during JazzFest! A lowdown throwdown indeed!

  • Celebrating with Spafford on 4/20/18 twice, the same day I found out I was cancer free. This band has been and is still my therapy and a place of mind blowing bliss. 😊
    Oh... so excited about the site! Thank you!

  • @damian Dude. This website is EVERYTHING!! I may not have latched on to this band and community as quickly as I did without it. Thank you for all you do!

    Sadly, I did not get to see any shows on the Winter tour. My favorite Spafford moment had to be the pregame meetup before the last Nashville show. Meeting so many awesome nerds (Sean, Jabber, Mike, and a whole slew of others I can’t think of right this sec) and finally putting real faces and voices to names was so satisfying. Then, dancing with you fine folks front and center. Y’all made me feel like I belonged and was finally home in my own town.

    Breakfast? Black coffee, sesame bagel with lox and cream cheese. Happy Birthday to Spaffnerds, Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Happy 4 motherfuckin 20 to all!

  • Thanks so much guys for keeping spaffnerds up and running to the benefit of this community! Favorite part of Winter Tour - getting invited backstage after Philly to hang with the band and @603Brett and @crappygeorge . Bonus was going out for Cheestakes at 2:00am with Brian and Red. Red kept us in stitches telling us about the time he went to Boston early to be hauled around by a legit Bostonian limo driver who took Red sightseeing. Pure gold...

  • Loved Winter Tour, but my favorite was hearing how good the guys sounded in the Georgia Theater. The acoustics in that place are da bomb! Hoping they'll play there again sometime.

  • Hey man, thanks for all you do!! I’m excited for what the future brings with this amazing band and the community. I wasn’t able to catch any shows this winter, but was fun to keep up on the deli staff and listen to the shows here!

  • I can’t believe time has gone by so fast. Two years!!! Hot dam! Thank you for all you do. I went to Tampa and Orlando shows and had the best weekend I have had in a long time. No off to New Orleans ina few weeks.

  • $

    Yes!!!! 8 character

  • First spafford show was the 2019 new years run, and what a run it was! Met a lot of good people so far and looking forward to see what's is store next!

  • Love this place, thanks to everyone who makes it great. Only made it to Eugene during the Winter Tour. I do want to move to Oregon and buy a vineyard, though. That place is amazing.

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