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    I'm really looking forward to the return of regular sbd releases. Hopefully they'll become more consistent this tour than in the past.

  • Cameron is incredible.

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    @Frito-Pie He really is. Not gonna lie I was pretty worried when he replaced Nick and they never addressed it, but its crazy how quickly he's locked in the with the rest of the band, and its only going to get better going forward.

  • This sounds great! Getting me even more excited for 8/5.... I hope that, that show will mark the beginning of them consistently releasing SBDs again. I figure that they want to wait until they are really locked in with Cam before releasing boards from recent shows.

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    @Cody-Soule I'm hoping for the same thing to. The winter/spring tour was their first time touring across the country so there were bound to be some hiccups. Hopefully this time around they'll have worked out all the kinks in the recording process

  • @Cody-Soule That and I think their capabilities will be much better to do so this tour. They are finally getting to the point where the band doesn't have to do everything themselves.

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