Spafford Jam: Pizza Jam

  • I wanted to throw in a mention of the Pizza Jam. If you're new to Spafford and you haven't taken the time to listen to it... well, the time is now. Stuffed between an opening Virtual Bean Dip and a closing All In the Pizza Jam served up a heady dose of proof of what the boys are made of.

    Just go listen to the recording of it from Cranky Pat's in Wisconsin on 2016-09-29. Really, I could wrap it in words and try to tell you all about it but it needs to be heard. Just go do it. You're here. You're reading about it. Get your funk on.

  • This is my go-to for introducing jam vets to the band. If you don't immediately enjoy that whole set then you're beyond help. Jaded to the core.

  • @dr_rock Seriously. It's so good. It's like hot pepper jam. It's fucking peanut butter and jam. It's fucking pizza jam!

  • Pizza Jam is best jam

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