Promoting Spaffnerds

  • Hey Nerds,

    I wanted to reach out and ask you all a favor. Can you please help us promote this site. I'm not sure how you found your way here but we're glad that you did. Help others do the same.

    Right now a great way to do that is by promoting the Summer Six Pack thread. You can help engage people (especially fans of jam bands that haven't had the chance to hear Spafford) by sharing a thread dedicated to the music with them. In the end we genuinely believe that once people hear the band they'll be hooked. So get them to listen! :)

    Tweet, post on Facebook, and most importantly, listen to the shows yourself and comment on that thread. Get involved and you can help build the community and propel the band that will help define the future of the jam scene. Help Spafford take its rightful place on the mouths and ears of the future fans.

    Also, when you read this, please just add a reply saying how you found this site. I'd love to know which of our outreach efforts is having an effect.

  • @damian I was directed here from the FB page. Sure am glad I came...

  • @BushCow glad you're here man. :)

  • @damian I found it thru you!

  • 6up

    I was directed here by you as well. :)
    I look forward to seeing this forum grow and develop into a great place for fans to discuss things

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