Abaculus Listening Party Planning

  • @spiggy @Kyle-Burbank @myanruth (and anybody else who wants to contribute) Let's coordinate a listening party. Let's start by picking a time and day to do it. We'll worry about the technology once we've decided that.

    My first thought was ASAP... like, tonight. But that's tough because what's tonight? We've got a bunch of people (myself included) on PST and a bunch (like @Kyle-Burbank and @myanruth) on EST. Then there's the midwest people who are, as the song goes stuck in the middle. So my next thought was that a weekend would be ideal because at least then people are less likely to be working. I could see Sunday, late morning PST being good for me and that would basically be early afternoon for everybody else. But I'm open to suggestions. Let's see if we can get a couple of times and then fire up a poll to vote on them.

  • I'm on the EST and lately my Sundays have been spent working a side job. I was thinking a weeknight like 10 EST so it's not super late but it's something to look forward to the end of the day. I'm open to everyone else's thoughts though.

  • @spiggy 10 EST would work for me as that's only 7 PST (AZ is on PST at this time of year). Could try for tonight though that's probably not enough notice. Could do Friday night but we're likely to miss people who are out having fun (you know, unlike us squares ;) )

    @spiggy could Satuday afternoon work? Maybe like 3PM EST so Noon PST?

  • $$$

    I can't do tonight or tomorrow night, Saturday night I probably can, and Sunday I'm working until 6 or 7 but I can do it after that.

  • @myanruth solidarity to my fellow Sunday worker. I work until 7:30.

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