HowTo: Add or Update a Setlist

  • We do our best to keep an up to date and accurate list of Spafford Setlists as a core feature of the SpaffBase, but after all we are only human and mistakes, missing data, and discrepancies can happen. Since you're here, you may have found one. We are grateful that you've decided to notify us, and we're happy to take your input.

    @RadiantDarkness is our resident archivist. You can send him a message by clicking his username and using the chat feature, or you can simply reply to this thread and "@" him in your reply. Replies to this thread will be used to start a conversation and will likely be removed for cleanliness once they have been addressed.

    Please specify:

    • The show, by date, that has an issue. (Please link to the SpaffBase entry if possible)
    • The type of issue (Missing song/data, songs out of order, missing show notes/guest musicians, etc...)
    • If possible the correction that should be applied.

    Let's start there. Hopefully we don't need submission forms and the like to support this. I doubt we'll have a ton of revisions that need to be made, but don't hesitate to submit something you think could be corrected. We encourage discussion and want you to have a voice.

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