MeetUp: Phish Dick's - Saturday 9/2 @ about 5 PM In Front Of The Venue

  • It has come to my attention that there will be enough of us attending Phish at Dick's next weekend that we could do a little meet up. I'd love to get the chance to meet you guys face to face and even to rage some of the shows with you.

    I know @virtualbeandip mentioned that he'd be going and I know there will be more of you as well. Let's pick a day and time and get together, maybe even take a picture for the site.

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    @damian definitely! Should we do it somewhere on the Dick's campground for those camping or in the city somewhere?

  • So I'm camping. I feel like doing it on site is the best bet because everybody will be on site at some point. It's the centralizing point for the weekend. With that said, trying to do it at 6pm might not be a good idea because we're a bunch of heads who can't get their shit together on time... or maybe that's just me and my crew. Of course, the flipside problem is that if we do it at noon on Saturday we may miss out on people not staying on site.

    This is definitely one where I'd love to see us put our heads together. This site allows us to make polls, so once we get a little more traction on this post I'll put a poll up for some options and we'll see what people want to do.

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    @damian Saturday afternoon sounds great. I'll be camping as well. I'd be willing to host.

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    Gonna be a bunch of us Prescott peeps. We tend to get out of Commerce City during the day so something later in the afternoon closer to show time works best for us.

  • @docphunguy
    I like this idea.

  • I'll be there! We can have it near shakedown (maybe?) so non-campers could join. We need a flag!

  • @RadiantDarkness I've got the lantern flag... But it seems out of context.

  • @damian Let's make sure we all get in the stadium before the the lines get thick. Time will fly. It got messy last year. Let us make sure Ron and his bad ass dancin machine daughter get tix for Saturday! : ). Got extra JRAD to sweetin' the deal. Still pumped from BB King. Videos from that show are amazing.

  • I'm camping with @virtualbeandip. So I'll be around. Also, first post here. Joined the 'Nerds today!

  • @bongomaz42 welcome!

  • @damian thank you my friend.

  • We're about a week away, let's settle on a time. What's the compromise between people showing up late and those wanting to go in early? Meet up Saturday 5-6PM near Shakedown? People can really hang as long as they want, but some may be itching to go in, especially with the debacle of security last year (I wasn't even there and heard about it many a time).

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    @RadiantDarkness 5-6pm makes sense. Should we just call it 5:30pm??

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    My fiance and I are so in! Where we doin this? Dicks Camping?!

  • The campground is a pay to play space. Gotta have yet another wristband boughten to get in.

    I have a propensity to park just outside of Gate C in the east lot all nights.

    Look for the 2-D glasses.


  • I'm thinking that we should have the official meet up on Saturday out in front of a main entrance to the stadium. We should also do a Spafford shirt Saturday so that we are all easy to spot.

  • What do you guys think of this for a plan:

    1. Unofficial meetup at Red Rocks on Thursday for JRAD.
    2. Official meetup at Dick's on Saturday. Let's make it near to the start of the show and up by the venue. I will drop a pin on the map on Friday and post that here. That will be the official spot for the meetup. The idea is "By the front entrance." If we do it around, let's say, 6:00 PM on Saturday we can have a bit of time to co-ordinate and maybe see if we can all post up together for the show.
    3. WEAR A SPAFFORD SHIRT! (Or hat or pin). Rock out something that shows off the band and engage with the crowd when they ask. We'll have I'm Killin' It stickers and SpaffNerds stickers to pass out. Spread the word.

    If you're in, reply to this post and say "I'm In!"

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    @damian I'm in!

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    @virtualbeandip and so is @bongomaz42

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