Spafford Chords: Electric Taco Stand

  • Intro/Verse Chords:
    The intro and verse of ETS follow the same chord pattern, only changing every other 4th bar on the E9 chord. Essentially it follows a 4 bar pattern comprised of D9 and E9, like so:


    Each one of those represents a bar. It's hard to explain how Brian is strumming it, you really have to listen to the song to figure it out. Every other time he plays the progression, the whole band syncopates the E9 like "1 2 3" during the Intro, and "1 2 3 4" during the Verse, with a snare hitting in between each strum of the chord.

    I'm calling the "Too many times I can't recall" part the bridge because it deviates away from the verse pattern for this line. It essentially does this:

    C          G                 D9 
    Too many times I can't recall

    The chorus is just two different 3-chord progressions that they switch between, going like this :

    D       C            G
               As the times go by
    D       G         F
               You broke my heart
    D       C            G      D  G  F
               As the times go by

    After this, they fall back into the regular Verse progression again.

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