Q & A: Friday 9/22, 2PM Eastern - Jon Rose, Artist and Spafford Print Maker

  • Nerds, we are super excited to announce an AMA with @Jon-Rose on Friday 9/22 at 2PM Eastern. This is a chance for you guys to ask Spafford's primary print maker about... well... anything. The band just released an official video which shows the artist at work creating the VIP poster for the 11/11/2017 Globe Hall, Colorado show:
    0_1506047415142_jon rose.jpg

    We'll kick off the AMA right here on this thread. So think up some good questions, feel free to post them in advance, and Jon will jump in tomorrow to get you some answers. I know what I'm going to ask... Why does Colorado get the BEST prints???

    EDIT: The live AMA is over but Jon mentioned that he'd still answer some questions if you post them below. Otherwise we are deeply honored by the time that Jon has taken to reach out to the community. On a personal note, I loved reading his thoughtful and introspective responses to all of your questions. It's a treat to get to see into the mind of an artist. Trust me... it's much prettier than the mind of a software engineer :P


    • How did you get started doing these types of prints?
    • What was the first Spafford poster that you made, and how did that come to fruition?
    • What is your favorite Spafford print that you have done?
    • What is your favorite Spafford song?

    Like I always say, I love your work! 😎

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    If possible to describe, What does your process for coming up with the idea for a poster look like?
    from cooking up the idea to final delivery, approx how many hours of love and labor go into each poster run?

    Thanks for all the amazing artwork!

  • Has you technique changed over the years? Be it carving material, to pressing mechanism?

  • $$$

    • How many projects do you think you have done total?
    • Have there ever been any projects you've worked on that were disastrous?

  • $$$

    What is your favorite print, Spafford or otherwise, than you have produced, and what is your favorite Spafford print by someone else?

    Who is your favorite artist?

    How has your process changed since you first began printing?

    If you could have one current artist do a Spafford print, who would you want it to be?

  • Hey friends!
    Nice to see some questions already!
    Looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty :)

  • How did you get started with Spafford?

    What was the first woodblock print you made?

    You're mentioned on Live Vol. 1, how does that feel?

    Other than Windmill, what is your favorite Spafford song?

  • $$$

    If you could have one musician sit in with Spafford, who would it be and on what song?

  • Bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish are known for their iconic images. What iconography/aesthetic do you associate with Spafford?

  • $$$

    Who would you consider to be your biggest influencers?

    When you aren't creating art prints, what other ways do you express your creativity?

    Are you surprised by the rapid growth in popularity of Spafford? And where do you see them in 5 years?

  • $$$

    Do you prefer making art or gig prints? Which do you prefer collecting?

  • Good morning or afternoon!
    Sitting down with a cup of coffee and gettin to it :)

  • @damian said in Q & A: Friday 9/22, 2PM Eastern - Jon Rose, Artist and Spafford Print Maker:Why does Colorado get the BEST prints???

    It is such a beautiful state, rivaling Arizona even ;)
    I could never run out of inspiration with those views!

  • $

    I bought the CID package for NYE. Can I get a number 8?

  • @Cody-Soule

    How did you get started doing these types of prints?
    Back in 2007-08 I got really interested in posters and specific artists. It took about a year or so of really educating myself on the different methods of production until i cam across a video of Jim Pollock printing at the Great Went. He said something to the effect of "what i like about linoleum printing is i can come up with an image and reproduce it in-house without relying on printers to do it" That stuck with me and i decided to give it a try. My very first print is a little 3 block lino print called "Everyone Wins". I thoroughly documented the process for a poster message board i was a part of so i actually have pictures.
    here's the very first cut i ever made
    alt text

    and the print
    alt text

    What was the first Spafford poster that you made, and how did that come to fruition?
    That was this one: http://www.expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/206710

    Long story short, Chuck had been asking me to come see Spafford and things finally lined up. It was midway through the first set during Windmill that I realized these guys had something
    I wanted to help, after the show I told them i was making posters for their upcoming tour. All i asked was for them to cover cost of materials and if they did well we'd do it again and figure it out from there.

    What is your favorite Spafford print that you have done?
    Super tough choice, super tough.
    It might be the closing of the Sail Inn for a lot of reasons.

    What is your favorite Spafford song?
    Gun to my head, Windmill.
    Though Simon and Lily, Slip and Squander, and Hollywood have been in heavy rotation in my mind lately.

  • and bear with me folks, i tend to be verbose and i type slowly ;)

  • @Jon-Rose take your time and be verbose. We're here to pick your brain and get a window into your experience and creative process. I doubt anybody is thinking "He's going too slow..." Your answer to @Cody-Soule is outstanding!

    THANK YOU for doing this!

  • @Jon-Rose hurry up

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    @Jon-Rose beer with you? Great plan! Does Heineken deliver to the court complex in Newark?

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