Breakdown of the guys’ (Brian & Jordan) current rigs

  • EDIT: Talked to Brian and Jordan about this article, and got some corrections from them!

    Jordan said I was spot on, but Brian fixed what model the Whammy is, told me that’s using an OC-3 (not a Flanger like I thought), and the Wah is slightly different model than the regular GCB-95. He couldn’t remember the exact model number, but he said he’d get back to me. He also told me what year the Plush was, and what cab he’s using. Enjoy!

    Original Post: I saw a post on here asking about a breakdown of what they’re using for gear right now, and spent the past two days figuring it out. I got lots of helpful pictures from people over on Facebook!


    Brian Moss

    Top Row:
    TC Electronic Polytune (Tuner)
    Wampler Ego (Compressor)
    Boss Super Octave OC-3 (Octave/Octave Fuzz)
    Malekko E Filter (Envelope Filter)
    Boss Phase Shifter PH-2 (Phaser)

    Bottom Row:
    Digitech Whammy 2(5?) (Octaver)
    Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95F (Wah Wah)
    Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9 (Overdrive)
    Xotic BB Preamp (Volume Boost)
    MXR Carbon Copy M169 (Analog Delay)
    Boss Digital Delay DD-6 (Digital Delay)

    Signal Chain:
    Polytune > Ego > Whammy V > Cry Baby Classic > Tube Screamer > BB Preamp > Super Octave OC-3 > E Filter > Phase Shifter PH-3 > Carbon Copy > Digital Delay DD6

    The Raven
    Gibson Les Paul Junior

    Fender Twin Reverb
    1969 Plush Head through a Fender Bandmaster 2x12 w/ EVLs

    Jordan Fairless

    Top Row:
    TC Electronic Polytune (Tuner)
    Boss Bass Synthesizer SYB-5 (Bass Synth)
    EHX Bass Metaphors (Compressor/Distortion)
    Boss Bass Flanger RF-2B (Flanger)

    Bottom Row:
    MXR Bass Envelope Filter M82 (Envelope Filter)
    Source Audio Soundblox SA143 (Envelope Filter)
    Flashback Delay X4 (Digital Delay)

    Signal Chain:
    Polytune > Bass Synthesizer SYB-5 > Bass Envelope M82 > Bass Metaphors > Soundblox SA143 > Bass Flanger RF-2B > Flashback X4

    Ibanez BTB

    Furman M-8X2 > SansAmp Tech 21 > QSC GX5 > David Eden 4x10

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    Hell yea man! Been looking for this info for a minute! Now I am complete!

  • @jaredsusername Wow man. Nice work.

  • Thanks for the research. Brian has tone for days, love how his notes sustain and bloom as needed.

  • @uconnwes some of that may also be The Raven. IDK... I'm not a musician. :)

  • Great work @jaredsusername!

  • Need more info on how Brian is switching between Amp rigs. He really likes that Plush head based on a quick convo I had with him. Wonder if it and the Fender Bandmaster are his primary now? They were out front with the Twin Reverb sitting behind. Anyone know if the Plush is new to this tour?

  • @uconnwes The Plush w/ Fender Bandmaster is his main amp, he’s had it for a long time, but he’s never really brought it outside of Arizona before. The Twin Reverb is his backup amp, because it’s the amp that sounds the closest to how he runs his Plush.

  • @jaredsusername Ah…thanks for the info. That Plush amp is a friggin' tone beast. I am a huge Twin fan, it is an everyday workhorse that consistently sounds great clean or overdriven. But I am very much digging the Plush on all the Fall Tour recordings. It is a very precise amp per my ear, attack is spot on and he can really wind that amp up. Will have to look into these more. Thanks Jared for the backstory on Brian's historical use of the Plush and now having it on tour.

  • Any idea what pic Brian uses? Looks fairly small from various vids. Maybe a Dunlop Stubby?

  • Updated gear for Jordan with some cool interview questions:

  • Thank you so much for this! Question about Brian's Fender Twin...did it say specifics about the speakers he uses in it? Are they the original Jensen C12Ks or did he upgrade?

  • Last night in ATL I noticed Brian had an Eventide pedal on is board. Space Factor, perhaps?

  • @yendoreaster Yeah he told Jared that we was still finalizing his rig so things have changed since he wrote this and probably will keep changing until fall tour! Lol

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