Red Johnson Solo - 2016-07-22 - Cactus Jack's - Phoenix, AZ

  • There's been so much love for Beautiful Day lately that I figured you guys might really want to listen to Red crush out some amazing covers in this solo show. As you'd expect he fills these songs with the heart and soul that he pours into Spafford's originals.

    This show, from Cactus Jack's (where I saw my first Spafford show) features an old band mate of Red's (Dr. Dan Martin) and a string of excellent covers including Soulshine which the band debuted with at Wind Rider this year in honor of Greg Alman's passing.

    Red's song choice, and treatment of these covers is excellent. I could talk about this more, but really you should just go listen to it.

    Here's a link to:

  • I fan-boyed out hard when talking to Red about him playing Mona Lisa & Mad Hatters. <3

    This was an opening set for Wes Williams. There were very few people there because a lot of the Nerd crew was in CA for the Phish run (the talking in the background are the Cactus Chad's regulars at the bar). Would love to see more of these solo shows, this was great!

    alt text

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