Possible new site function?

  • One of the things I use .net for alot (as I don't really stream live shows alot) is that latest setlist is the first thing you see when you open the page. Is there anyway to have the most recent setlist the first thing on the front page?

    Or if there isn't, is there a way to put in the drop-down on the shows page a "most recent setlist" option?

  • @teamikoiko I've been thinking about something like this a lot lately. Let me look at a few things and see what I can do. At this point I'd have to do it manually by putting it in the new feed on the homepage of the site. I could also add a button to the navigation that points to the latest show. That's probably a bit easier.

    I like this idea too. I've been thinking a link to the streams section of the site in the mobile nav would be really valuable.

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