How can we get Spafford on Austin City Limits in 2018?!?

  • Anyone know how we can nominate or suggest that Spafford get a night at ACL? Would love to see them on the show similar to other up and coming artists?

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    @uconnwes wow, i don't the answer but this is a great question. that would be such incredible exposure. i'm going to ask a friend or two who might have some info...

  • I say we load up a van and charge the stage.... peacefully of course!

  • Below is the quote from the faq. If we wanted to make something like this happen, we're going to need the numbers. We're going to have to rally the Nerds... all of them...

    The series’ producer Terry Lickona books the talent with input from the Austin City Limits producing staff.

    Austin City Limits was initially created with an eye and ear toward original Texas music, featuring artists that created innovative new sounds in everything from western swing and Texas blues to Tejano music, progressive country and rock & roll. The series went on to feature a wide range of American roots artists, covering a variety of styles and expanding beyond the borders of the Lone Star State. As the program’s audience has grown, the music has encompassed regional, national and even international performers, and Terry continues to seek a balance of music genres in every new season. Austin City Limits today focuses on the unique contributions of diverse artists, music and songwriting from around the world. Since Austin City Limits is a nationally-broadcast program on PBS, we almost always book artists who are touring nationally/internationally or have an extraordinarily strong regional following. We have showcased lesser-known artists and rising talent throughout our history, but we focus on featuring established acts and largely work through their publicists. While there are MANY worthy artists and performers who are deserving of a slot on Austin City Limits, the reality is that we only produce thirteen episodes each year and can’t possibly include everyone who is worthy.

    Managers, publicists, or artists may send samples to Terry Lickona at: 310 W. Willie Nelson Blvd., Austin, TX, 78701

  • What about SNL? ;-)

  • @BushCow wise ass

  • $$$

    @damian said in How can we get Spafford on Austin City Limits in 2018?!?:

    @BushCow wise ass

    hahaha he has a point though... UM got boned hard.

  • @VillaReality well maybe Spafford's story will be different.

  • @damian I was being serious but I see what you’re saying.. 😉

  • $$$

    @damian We can all hope!! I think UM got boned because it seemed almost organized that they won by so much.

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