Missed Spafford in Columbus for Twiddle...

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    I live in Cincinnati and Spafford played last Thursday night in Columbus - I wanted to go so bad but its tough to swing weeknight shows out of town what with kids and a 9-5 job so I went to the local Twiddle show instead. Had a great time and was blown away by Twiddle - they're pretty "cheesy" but man can they jam (I had only seen them in festival sets previously). Really contemplating jumping in the car and heading for Asheville this weekend since I missed Columbus!

  • @BBlank20 Go to Asheville and you can redeem yourself. :P

  • Goooooooooo! They're sounding so good right now, and it's killing me that I won't see them for another month.

  • @damian this is the correct answer...ie: The Only Answer!

  • A friend of mine decided to go to Pretty Lights w/ Twiddle opening over Trey Anastasio Band. His reasoning was that the PL/Twiddle show was only 20 min from his house and TAB was an hour and a half away. I would have chosen TAB if it was 3 hours away and PL/Twiddle was playing my front yard. But that’s just me. I’m never going to Down anyone for getting out and seeing live music. If you can...hit Spafford this weekend...you won’t regret it!

  • Highly recommend going to catch Spafford this weekend. Have you seen the shows they've been putting out lately? I went and saw Twiddle a few weeks ago and it was good, but really you can't compare it to a Spafford show, so go see Spafford now to make up for it! You will not regret any second of it, trust me on that one.

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    yeah I've seen Spafford three times now and its why I was disappointed to miss the Columbus show but working at 7:30AM is a lot different getting home at midnight vs 3 in the morning - not to mention the safety aspect of 3AM (I used Lyft to get home from Twiddle, would have to behave myself and drive from Spafford). Not sure how old you all are but at 41 my body doesn't react after 3 hours of sleep like it did when I was in my 20's :)

  • Safety first. Without a doubt. Rest and a safe ride home are the grown up choices.

    All I'll say about Twiddle is that if they can make it to be as big as they are that means great things are in strore for our boys.

  • @BBlank20 40 in December. I feel you. I’m still a savage, but 5 hours is a minimum for turnaround...lol. Oh to be 22 again! 🤣

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    @603Brett no kidding - took for granted all of the nights I pushed right through and didn't sleep - if I pulled that now I would be out of commission for 2-3 days

  • @BBlank20 The worst part is... I can stay up... I just can't stay in bed. If I go to bed at 3am... I'm up at 6, the latest. Usually I'm up at 4:30 - 5am. I have to put myself to bed at night or I'm totally f'd the next day. #old.

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    @damian I was that way when my kids were toddler age but now that they sleep late I've been able to push my time of awakening to usually 7:30-8 - 4:30-5 would equally kill me as much as the late nights

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