How Should We Record "Alternate Beginning"

  • @Lopez said in How Should We Record "Alternate Beginning":

    The song that was played was Alternate Ending but it was just before the ETS. It almost was like they took a page out of the Disco Biscuits play book and inverted the song because it went AE > second half/peak of ETS > Beginning of ETS.

    I think it should still be labeled as Alternate Ending just with a note of "Alternate Beginning"

    This doesn't change my outlook on how AE should be listed (as Alternate Ending b/c that's the song name). It does make it interesting to note in the setlist for ETS though. Is it their first "inverted" song? I'll give it a listen after work

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    I vote new song AB because... it's cool as shit to have an AE and AB, even if they are note for note the same cool as shit song. To somebody's point on the FB post, the boys are playing with the songs like musical legos. If one of your Legos from its inception was partially defined/titled by its set location, why not create a "new song" that also defines/titles that left by its location. Won't it be cool from a Spaffbase statistical purpose to view how many AEs vs ABs, which is your favorite AE or AB, etc? I do think it could become tricky to determine if it's an AE or AB if the "lego" appears in the middle of a mega-sandwich without an ETS, but will that happen often? and if it does would the Bands set list be the "final answer"? But mainly I vote new song because it's cool as shit

  • @Johnny-Love ug... But think of the stats. Imagine if the song had lyrics, would we have 2 songs in the spaffbase then? Also, what if they play it in the middle? Then is it alternate middle?

    I think it's a mess if we start doing this. But I am curious what the community thinks.

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    @damian I agree completely - keeping it AE for stats purposes with a note to signify how it was different seems the way to go...

  • Keep it as Alternate Ending because if we change it here to Alternate Beginning, what would be label the Alternate Ending from Albany as (since there was no ETS before or after). Definitely a horror for stats as well :P

  • @Cody I was thinking about that earlier, but it would still be AE because it came out of Bee Jam. I can see it noted differently for simplicity, but if it starts a segue of songs...I like Alternate Beginning 🙂

  • @603Brett said in How Should We Record "Alternate Beginning":

    @Cody I was thinking about that earlier, but it would still be AE because it came out of Bee Jam. I can see it noted differently for simplicity, but if it starts a segue of songs...I like Alternate Beginning 🙂

    That's definitely a fair argument! Maybe there is a solution in the middle that we could conjure up!

  • @Cody Alternate Middle it is! :P

  • Not the same situation but the Reprise didn't become the Intro once it stopped being America Reprise, it still kept it's name regardless of placement.

  • Change the name to “Alternate Names Based on Placement or Preference” Problem solved. 🤣

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    I was down with having both AE and AB at first, especially because they typed it up that way. But Im gonna have to agree that when you throw the Albany version in and consider the fact that more versions like that will probably be seen in the future, it starts to get messy.

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    @damian I think it is a troubling question and I understand the reasoning against the change so let me be devil's advocate. I don't think a change would risk "infecting" all the other songs... ATW will always be ATW wherever it is placed because it is not named ATW-Ending. AE is the only song in their catalogue that is defined in its very name as a "located" song and has always appeared in the location of its name. It seems fitting to celebrate its relocation with a renaming... ? AE and AB will always be related, they will always appear back to back in alpha ordered song directories. As for the "middle" question, I think it's only a problem when there is no ETS. Whenever ETS shares the set list it is AE or AB in relation to ETS. Sans ETS, the determination could be made if it is he hard-start or hard-finish of a series. Or if the band cntinues to distinguish AEs and ABs on set lists, then that would be the guide. If it is a one-off thing and never happens again, then seems silly to rename it.

  • @Johnny-Love by that logic, what is The Reprise? It was originally America Reprise and still sits there sometimes... But when it doesn't should when just call it "The"?

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    @damian yes! No, kidding aside and devils advocate hat unrelinquished, the reprise is an independent entity from America thus can be detached and keep its name regardless of location. AE and AB are identical, so as they say in the restaurant biz: location, location, location.

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    I think we should call it Alternate Spaffording. Then it goes at beginnings and ends whenever they want, and it always fits.
    This idea looks surprisingly stupid in writing. 😆

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    @SassyPete correction - this brilliant idea makes writing look surprisingly stupid

  • @Johnny-Love but the Reprise wasn't always independent of America, it was America Reprise for a little while.

    Alternate used to be the actual ending of taco stand but once ETS got reworked the "alternate ending" then took on its own life

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    @Lopez mind = blown

  • @damian alternate bridge

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