Show Announce: 2017-04-20 - Sweetwater 420 Fest - Atlanta, GA

  • Spafford has announced their first festival show for 2018. They'll be playing at Centennial Park in Atlanta Georgia as part of the Sweetwater 420 Festival. Go figure, it's on April 20th.

    When I met @Brian-S-Lake in Alpharetta a number of years ago, he preached the wonders of Sweetwater 420 to me. We even road in a van with a wild dude and his dog named Otto in order to cross state lines and buy some. Then we drank delicious beer while rafting down the Chatahoochie river and we celebrated a truly Superior 4th of July.

    Anyway... I digress. You can get more info by clicking the image below

    alt text

  • $$$

    You will most definitely find the lady and I out here this year

  • $

    @VillaReality ditto here

  • Tickets bought...April 21st is my birthday!! Looking forward to spending it with some Nerds!!!

  • $

    watching tonight's Live Stream from Asheville and wen ahead and pulled the string on tickets as well - I'll see you there!

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