Winter 2018 Tour Rumors?

  • Any rumors for Winter 2018 yet? Seeing the 420 Fest lineup getting me pumped. Hoping for some early winter east coast dates like this year - Asbury in January is still one of my favorite shows. I know they just finished the East Coast ...but I want more. MOAR

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    I'm really hoping for another batch of east coast dates. Baltimore, Philly and New York all sold out their shows this past time around, so I think they all deserve a show. They also seem to really like Asheville so I wouldn't be surprised if they did another two night run there depending on how this weekend goes. I really hope they continue the heavy east coast touring, I was able to catch nine shows this year without having to drive more than 4 hours from my house.

  • Heard rumors about a stop in Buffalo, NY again this winter/spring from the coconut telegraph. Check out the Buffalo show from earlier this year!

  • Would love another philly -> bk run. was thinking two nights in one or both would be good. I cant think of a venue either place thats kind of in between the size they were doing and the larger sizes that bigger bands are doing. Maybe the E-Factory in Philly but that place sucks. Two night run at the BK Bowl would be sweet

  • Hmmmm....I honestly hope they take some time off to write new material after this tour....but I'm selfish!

  • @Philthy I think that they have new material that they haven't played yet. Listen to that debut of The Road, sounds like they had that pretty flushed out before the 15min long debut!

  • @Cody True dat but I want more more more! Lol

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    So far in 2017 they have debuted the following songs:
    It’s a bunch
    Mind’s unchained
    My road (my road)
    Simon & lily
    Steak sauce

    I wonder how many more new ones they haven’t played yet?

  • Good thought about new material, wasn't even thinking about that. Okay okay early winter tour -> Record album -> full blast summer tour -> release album -> sick ass fall tour

    I planned the year for them. You're welcome, Spafford

    In reality I'm happy with whatever I'll find my way to see them next year I'm not worried. That 420 fest looks kick ass I'm gonna have to find a way to make it there

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    @dontjudgedave That schedule looks good to me haha. I would love a full summer tour but I feel like they're gonna be doing the festival circuit again

  • @myanruth I think you might be's a "bang for your buck" situation... festivals give great exposure to potential new fans...a bit more so than individual shows...just hoping that if it's a festy summer, they get improved lineup placings this season.

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    they're still in pretty small letters for the 420 Fest so until those letters get bigger the time slots won't improve much. On the flip side the longer those letters stay small the easier it is to see them. Its a catch-22 as fans we want to see them succeed but also retain the intimate feel.

  • When the Peach fest lineup got announced, Spafford was on the bottom tier; when they updated the lineup, Spafford moved up a tier; when it came time for the festival, they were given a 2hr time slot, which is even more than the headliners get. Their slot should have only been 1hr long, but their rise in popularity just in that short time justified giving them a double time slot. I think that goes to show that they are exponentially growing and they will be given improved slots in festivals this summer. I mean even with the 420 fest, there are some big names there on the lineup, so for Spafford to even be there is an accomplishment in itself. There is no way that they will skip out on festivals, because that is a huge part of the music scene today whether you like it or not! haha

  • I really hope they swing through NC. Would love a Raleigh -> Asheville stretch. They could kill Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh.

  • 6up

    here's to getting some more MI love in the winter like they did last winter opening for UM..
    Maybe not the Fillmore (yet).. but soon.. Anywhere in MI is fine.. im not picky :)

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