Best Jam of the Northeast Run (Fall Tour 2017)

  • So now that we have every release in SBD form from the Northeast leg of this fall tour, it's time to go give it a listen on and see what everyone thinks are the best jams from this leg of the tour. These are shows from Charlottesville (09-27) to Albany (10-08). We can do this for every leg of the tour and match them all up after the new years run. You each have 2 votes, use them wisely!

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    Vote until Saturday, 10/28!

    Unfortunately, I can't link to the shows in the poll, so here is a linked version of the list for everyone:

  • Feel free to discuss as well! I picked the segment from Albany due to the rarity and creativity of what was done. More specifically, the segue from Alternate Ending into Ain't That Wrong and the ensuing jam is just out of this world. I also picked the segment from Ithaca because who the hell would guess a Parody > It's a Bunch > Parody sandwich? and that It's a Bunch goes deeeeep! Not to mention the attendance bias I have for both of those. I easily could have chose a few others that really impressed me, overall, all of these are winners and are must-listen-to. I highly recommend making a nugs playlist from the above selections and listening straight through!

  • @Cody crap, now we have to go back and do homework! decisions, decisions, decisions…

  • @uconnwes said in Best Jam of the Northeast Run (Fall Tour 2017):

    @Cody crap, now we have to go back and do homework! decisions, decisions, decisions…

    To be fair, there's definitely worse homework to do...

  • I went with the Lonely >Weasel>Palisades >Weasel...but that Plans from Cambridge is a serious contender. Now that I see it has no votes I almost wanna go back and change mine. That Plans was some fonky ass shit!

  • @603Brett Hey do you have 2 votes! I've gotta listen to that plans again, I keep hearing how good it is!

  • @Cody it was my first time hearing it that night and I was like “ what is this?” They definitely turned it on for that one!

  • Where is the actual vote? I see the nugs links, but not where to cast the vote??

  • @itsabunch99 Try clicking on the link to the first post:

    It should be at the top of the page. Are you on mobile?

  • Albany is taking the cake so far!

  • Vote vote vote!

  • A

    With a heavy heart, I did not cast one of my votes for the ATW-ON FIRE-ATW from Brooklyn Bowl... I love that jam so friggin much.. the ATW jam contains some of the most joyful and heart-opening sounds of the tour (in my biased-because-i-was-there-and-pie-eyed opinion) and Brian shreds the On Fire jam like the world is ripping apart into pieces and it's the last hurrah. The slide back into ATW is smooth and seamless and the crowd lost their goddamn minds... first set, people, first set!!!

    BUT... the Red's Jam > Weasel from Philly is just toooo good to be passed up. Either song separately could contend for Best Jam of the year and the way the band makes the metamorphosis happen is mind melting. And the Hollywood > Phonebooth > REDmedy from Northampton is exceptional not only because these are not your typical Spaffjam exploders, but they also cover an insane amount of musical terrain.. with all of the wildly different soundscapes the transitions are never abrupt or clumsy... and I could listen to the spaced out ending of Phonebooth over and over again.. i like that Spaff is really experimenting on this tour... i feel like i won the lottery to be witnessing such artistic spirit and dynamism while it is unfolding..

    Thanks for organizing @Cody, this was fun.. i look forward to the next votes.

  • I listened to every jam in order to vote

    Red's Jam > Weasel from Philadelphia
    Parody > It's A Bunch > Parody from Ithaca

    got my votes

  • There you have it folks! Our top jam from the Northeast run is the killer second set segment of Dream Jam > All My Friends > Bee Jam > Alternate Ending > Ain't That Wrong from Albany which features the first ever ETS-less Alternate Ending and a 25 minute Ain't That Wrong. Rounding out the top 5 are the Ain't That Wrong > On Fire > Ain't That Wrong from Brooklyn, Red's Jam > Weasel from Philadelphia, Parody > It's A Bunch > Parody from Ithaca, Mind's Unchained > Ain't That Wrong from Baltimore, and America > Space Gadget from Philadelphia. The rest of this tour has been chock full of jams, I have a feeling that the Bee Jam will win out for jam of the tour by a long shot.

  • A

    @Cody it's hard to disagree, unless...???

  • I think the ballot box got stuffed by the NY crew 😂😂😂

  • A

    @603Brett said in Best Jam of the Northeast Run (Fall Tour 2017):

    I think the ballot box got stuffed by the NY crew 😂😂😂

    Haha! Hey man, that's a tight jam! It's the one show I went to and I didn't vote for it, despite my attendance bias, because of how good the others were. But it totally deserved to be in the mix

  • I’ll give you that Johnny. So many good jams during that Northeast run...and the fun just hasn’t stopped!

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