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  • Thanks for pointing me towards the forum Damian. Have been on the jam band scene since '89 with my first Dead show at the ripe old age of 13. Just got turned onto Spafford a few weeks ago. WOW. These guys are amazing. I can't wait to hit my first show. Do they ever make it to Upstate NY? I do not get out on the road much anymore.

    What shows are must hears?

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    welcome - relatively new Nerd here too - saw my first show in February. They just did a NE run a few weeks ago so you missed them for a bit I'm afraid. Some of those shows would be a great place to start - 10-1-17 Ithaca is a fantastic show!

  • @Solomon-May Welcome to your newest addiction! Where in Upstate are you from? I'm from Wisconsin myself but I know upstate NY is moe. territory! Buffalo is an excellent Spafford show from earlier this year!

  • Thanks for the warm welcomes.

    Checking out that show right now BBlank20, thank you.

    Lopez, I live way upstate. On the Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondack Foothills. I will check out that Buffalo show next.

    Some of the tastiest jams I have had the pleasure of hearing in some time.

  • Welcome @Solomon-May. There are some good threads floating around that talk about must listens for new Nerds. Try out this one as there's some good suggestions in there:

    Glad to have you here, I know you'll help us make this community a welcoming, encouraging, and positive place. :)

  • @Solomon-May Hello fellow NYer! As Lopez mentioned above, that Buffalo show is their first headlining show in NY and is really amazing. They just rolled through Albany and Ithaca on their recent tour and both of those are definitely worth checking out too. Safe to say I'm sure you'll get another chance soon enough if they roll through Albany again. My girlfriend's grandparents live on Sacandaga Lake as well. I grew up near Schenectady but I'm living in Rochester for school right now!

  • @Cody I used to spend a lot of time on Jay St. at Oriens, the Indian head shop and that little coffee shop. I have not been there in years. More than 20 years now. Damn I am old. Where does your girlfriend's parents live? I lived in Northville growing up and now just south of there.

    The Buffalo show is smokin' hot. I am listening to the Halloween show now. Dope as fuck!

  • @Solomon-May Haha yes we know Orion's well! "They live in Northville outside of Edinburgh, across the lake from the Northampton Marina" Lol

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