9/30/17 Ain’t That Wrong -> On Fire

  • I think I officially have my first favorite Spafford Jam! This sequence has officially blown my mind. You know those moments when your enjoyment of a band kicks into tjay next gear, and you can generally pinpoint the shows or jams that do it each time? Well, I just had one of those moments, and man it’s glorious.

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    @ThinkBig i keep circling back to the same few jams from sept-early oct as well, especially when i'm trying to rope in a newb. Also in that same territory are the Aint that Wrong from Albany and the Parody>Its a Bunch>Parody from Ithaca, great exploratory jams.

  • I feel like 9/30 overshadows 9/29 which was, to me at the time, the better show. But whatever... are we gonna split hairs here?

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    Yeah I was just trying to think of some great stand alone type IIs for @Thinkbig. @damian nah I agree 100%, Philly was better tape to tape, that's still my fav start to finish show of the tour (makes me feel better I thought I had a bias thing going on). That second set was just phenomenal, especially from reds to the end. Jordan was on point all night in Philly (shit when is he not I guess), especially for America and walls (both my fav versions). While we're talking 9/29 set 2, check out that version of galisteo, I've said it before and I'll say it again, that one is magical (I liked but not loved that song before this show, now I freaking love it).

    Side note, sweet is another one of my favorite covers they do, and it was a bonus not written on the setlist that night, I was so stoked! I've never even heard the original before...

  • @damian I love the Philly show, for sure.

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