2017-11-11 - Globe Hall VIP Show, Don Cheek Introduction, Acoustic Set, Jam Set, Etc.

  • So I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the setlist from last night (it is on the home page now). This show has a bunch of highlights, and better yet, we have two great AUD recordings up on the show page as well.

    The show started out with Brian on acoustic guitar and Jordan on the djembe (hand drum) with an introduction from Don Cheek who announced them as Officious Tortfeasor, which kind of simulated how they had originally started playing together at open mic nights (hosted by Don Cheek). I'm sure not everyone knows what the hell that's about, so I dug up an interview (or two) that I remembered talking about the story.

    "Song with meaning, and good lyrics and vocals, can really drive it home. It’s always been a huge priority for us, even since the beginning. Brian and I, at open mics nights with a hand drum and an acoustic guitar, we had good harmonies and we could keep people dancing (laughs). That’s how the whole thing started." - Jordan

    "Is there any meaning behind the name Spafford?

    Well, we were doing these open mic nights and we already let everyone know we were doing New Years. Then they were kind of like, "So what's the name of your group?" And that's probably the hardest thing to come up with. We didn't know what to do. One of my buddies was going to law school and he called me up one day and said, "Hey Moss, I got a great name for a band. You guys should use it! It's called Officious Tortfeasor. It's a law term for a general wrong doer." And I was like, "oh man that's so cool like we are kind of wrong doers some times and that's really awesome." So we go to the next open mic night and there were all these people who had been coming to see us for weeks and we were like "Alright everyone we got our band name!" And they were like "Fuck yeah! What is it?" and we were like "Officious Tortfeasor!" and the place fell silent. There were so many moans and murmurs. They said it was the worst band name they had ever heard. So on the mic I go, "You guys don't like that band name? Fine. The name of the band is Bob." They were like "awe fuck you're killing us! No, just no." My buddy was in the crowd and I was looking at him and I ask, "Chuck, what do we do?" And he was like "I don't know!" Well Chuck's middle name is Spafford and we always thought that it was the coolest name ever. So I just decided in the moment that the band's name was Spafford. " - Brian

    The whole show was excellent and the recordings are great, so make sure to go give it a listen, lots of highlights for sure!

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    @Cody this history is awesome and the interview clips priceless. Thank you!

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