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  • I'm new here... duh ;-) Can't figure out how to mark that I'm attending an upcoming show. The button for "You're not going" is active, but the button for "Attending" is not. Looked through the forum FAQ and searched for an answer, but no success. Is there a help link that answers my question. I use Firefox web browser and accepting all scripts.

    And It's strange the Seattle show has a "You Didn't Go" button but the Portland show has a "You're not going" button.

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    To mark off that you're attending a show, just click the box under the attended column for whatever shows you want.

    alt text

    The reason why the Seattle show says you "didn't go" instead you are "not going" is because since the Seattle show is the next show they are playing, the show page treats it as the "current show", and gives it the "didn't go" language instead of "not going". @damian can probably explain it better.

  • @Woodster, Welcome!

    So you're experiencing a fun little bug. In short, timezones are hard and I didn't really manage them correctly. This is a known issue and it's on the list of things to fix. Don't worry too much about them. If the button is red it's in your shows, if it's black, it's not.

    I love that you went through the help section. If you feel like there's stuff that you need to know that wasn't there I'm happy to write up more documentation. And you can ALWAYS send me a chat message and I'm generally quick to answer.

  • @myanruth Thanks. Checking the box "Not going" sounded wrong. Now I understand its a toggle, however It's a bit counter-intuitive. Maybe, by default it should say "Click if going".

    At any rate I'm cancelling driving to Portland. It's raining too hard for 250 mile round trip. And sine I bought my ticket via Songkick presale, and all such tickets are will call ticket, and since Songkick ticketing has since gone out of business, I cannot transfer the ticket to anyone else. They sent me an email on such before closing shop at the end of October. Boo!

  • @damian Thank you. Guess it doesn't matter as not going. Hopefully Spafford performs at High Sierra Music Fest this summer. Or even beter makes another west coast run before then. The Hi Fi Music Hall or WOW Hall in Eugene is my preference.

    Appreciate all you do here on the Spaffnerds site and elsewhere.

    Hope to find a mixlr stream for tonight.

  • BTW, what might be the proper etiquette inquiring for a stream here?

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    @Woodster Usually when there is a stream, it will be posted in the Streams section of the forum. The band has a pretty liberal streaming policy and we usually get an audience sourced stream every couple of shows.

  • Missing the Portland show last night don't hurt so bad now, that I caught tonight's stream from SF. Tasty hot licks. Thanks ischne!

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