Any other Nerds in San Diego? If not where ya from?

  • Seems like a pretty great community growing around this band. Just wondering how far we've spread so far.

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    I live about 20 minutes outside of Baltimore. I've been listening to the band for close to two years at this point, but my first show was this past January in Philly.

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    @leithsd I'm in the Chicago area and had never even heard of Spafford before they opened for Umphrey's early this year. I've now seen them 4 times live and just can't get enough! Already have one, or two (?), shows planned for early 2018 too!

  • @SociableJimmy I'm in Chicago, too. Been listening for a year and was lucky enough to see them 8 times this year! 4/6, 4/8, 8/5, 9/3, 10/31, 11/9 - 11/11.

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    @mdjabber Weren't you second in line for the NCMF after party show? Did you tape that one? If so my wife and I talked with ya for a while before going in!

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    This post is deleted!

  • I lived in San Diego for a few years when I was in the Navy. OB is a fun town. I miss seeing Brothers Gow at Winstons big time! Sad to hear they have a few band members leaving the group right now. My first Spafford show was at Wintsons in 2014 when they opened for Midnight North. I left that show thinking Spafford didn't live up to the hype, but that Midnight North killed it. I think it was just different seeing them opening for someone else and only having 45-60minutes to play for someone else's crowd.

    I've seen them two more times since in Connecticut where I live now and it's been an entirely different experience! I love that they aren't big around here and play little 150 person rooms.

  • @SociableJimmy Hey! I was definitely there early because I for right up front but my memory of that day is a little fuzzy, as i had a fantasy football draft in the morning, so the drinking started around...10 am. But I remember talking to you guys in line for sure! Man, that was a long day capped off by a great late night!

  • South Dakota!

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