Stage Set Switch

  • I saw Spafford in LA last Friday for the third time. It was AMAZING! The best show by far and really knocked my socks off (so much better than their last visit to LA where they may have been sabotaged by the Umphreys sound guy). Anyway, when I saw them at North Coast Festival in September I'm pretty sure the Drums were on observers left and the keys on observers right. At the Teragram last weekend they were switched. Can anyone shed light on when or why this happened?

  • I'm pretty sure that at this point they're in the hands of the venues. I'm not sure what dictates the layout but I know that sometimes they just try to make everything fit.

  • Definitely doesn't seem like a set setup as much as whatever venue/stage dictates like @damian said. Seems like every time I see them Red and Cam are switched up

  • The setup depends on a few things, primarily stage size and if they are sharing it with another band that night. Back in the day in cramped bars, Brian was usually either directly in front of the drums or next to them. As they played bigger stages, they set up all in one row, which they prefer if they have the room.

    I don't think being on one side of the stage really matters to them as much as who is standing next to who. Brian is pretty much always next to Cam from what I've seen. They will switch Red and Cam around most likely just due to stage construction (space, power sources, etc.), being able to move around during the show, and ease of load in and load out. I'd be interested if anyone has seen anything different?

    Cam, Brian, Jordan, Red (or mirrored).

  • @Frito-Pie I think it's also worth noting that the last tour with Nick (and I'm assuming for awhile before that), Brian and Jordan would switch sides every show (Nick, Brian, Jordan, Red and Nick, Jordan, Brian, Red), but I noticed now with Cam, Brian definitely prefers to be next to him. I think I've seen one setup where Jordan was next to Cam, but definitely not often.

  • @Cody I looked back through photos from 2013-2016 and almost all that I could find had Nick in the back somewhere (but still always close to Brian). Looks like probably the first one I saw with them lined up in a row was at a private gig on 4/20/16. I haven't found any shots with Jordan in between Brian and the drums, but I didn't see too many from that tour and it wouldn't surprise me if they tried some things.

    Check out this old setup from the Sail Inn outside:
    alt text

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