Event: Electro Funk Ball - New Years Eve

  • This new years we're pleased to present the Inaugural Electro Funk Ball on New Years Eve. If you're coming to the New Years show join us in dressing in whatever funky, glowing, light up, electric, wild, nerdy, clothes you can find. The idea is to dress 'formally' in clothes from any period, but to add an electro funk touch. Don't be the only Nerd standing around in the corner with nobody to dance with. Get lit up and show your stuff. There will be prizes for best dressed and maybe even a chance to get some cool pictures taken.


  • Nerds! We are just a few short days away from the BALL! We hope you're getting your costumes together because there's going to be photographs and prizes!

    Carrie Ann will be looking to get some shots of you before the show. If you get your photo taken you'll be welcome to drop your name in for a drawing for a 3 month nugs.net subscription. Once we scope the venue out Friday we'll decide where we're going to setup for photos and we'll let you know. We'll also nail down the timing so that you can arrive with plenty of time to get your pics taken.

    During set break, we'll pick a Belle and a Beau of the ball. We've got some prizes for those winners too. We can't wait to see what comes of a bunch of nerds stewing their creative juices. Let's get funky!

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