HowTo: Uploading Images (Profile and Posts)

  • This site is a labor of love and driven by the community and community support. Keeping overhead as low as possible is a major focus for us. Images and video are costly in terms of both storage and bandwidth so we offload them to Imgur and YouTube respectively.


    Please add a photo to your profile! It makes it easier to recognize you. We don't require that you add a pic of yourself, just please keep it relatively clean 😇

    Setting a profile picture

    • Register / Login
    • Edit your Profile
      • On desktop: click your profile icon in the top right corner and choose "Edit Profile"
      • On Mobile: hit the 3 bar menu or swipe from the left, and scroll down to find "Edit Profile"
    • Click the button for "Change Picture"
    • Then choose "Upload New Picture."

    One thing to note, you might want to crop your picture or shrink it before you upload. The crop tool that's built in is a little restrictive. It should be good for most cases but if you find it being a bit of a pain you may need to manually crop. If the box won't get big enough to work with you can just hit the button that looks like a recycle button. That will give you a full size b


    Uploading Images On Desktop

    If you are uploading images from a desktop computer the site will automatically send them to and then add a link to the post. Just hit the little cloud icon with the up arrow on it (right most button in the composer menu) and choose your file to upload. You'll see a little progress counter appear inline in your post and finally the progress counter will change to a url pointed at That's all there is to it.

    Uploading Images On Mobile

    Unfortunately, the imgur plugin isn't work on mobile when you're in a forum post. It works fine for profile pic uploads. I'm going to look into why this is happening and see if I can't fix it. For the moment this means you won't be able to upload images from mobile. I promise this is a high priority. We want your pics from shows!

    You can always manually upload them to imgur and then use the links in the forum, but that's a bunch of work and you're probably just better off sending them

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