Favorite new song from 2017?

  • There were so many new covers (all the Tom petty stuff??) and like 9 originals?

    Minds unchained
    It’s a bunch
    Simon and lily
    Lovesick melody > soil
    My Road
    Night after night

    What else? What’s your favorite new one? Cover/Original.

    Here’s to more new tunes in 18!

  • $$$

    @Randy-Dallas Top 3 for me are

    1. My Road (My Road)
    2. Mind's Unchained
    3. It's A Bunch

    The Mind's Unchained from the fall Baltimore show is one of my favorite jams I saw last year and doesn't get enough attention, imo.

  • Its a Bunch, Minds Unchained, and My Road all seem like classics now that they've gotten so much play. Love each one.

    Of the most recent stuff, really enjoying what they're doing with Soil, and Radio is a very well written song.

  • I can't get My Road and Minds Unchained out of my head. As in...non-stop playing over and over...and over...aaaaand over

  • Right now, Mind's Unchained, It's a Bunch and My Road stand out as originals, just because (like someone else said), they've gotten so much play. I like the Radio jam a lot, but the song is in its infancy.
    As far as new covers, Sweet is far and away my favorite. Soulful, beautiful melody and catchy. I thought it was an original until I learned that it's a Cheektones song, although the Cheektones version I've heard sounds completely different. Runner up's are Those Shoes (let's see if it gets into rotation or was a one-off) and Breakdown.

  • A

    I can definitively say that My Road (My Road) takes the cake for me. That song gives me the feels like nobody's business. Chuck's songs usually do. After that it gets harder... probably go Mind's Unchained for #2 (hey, Chuck songs!) and It's A Bunch #3. Although, Soil has already gone great places in two appearances and I really dig Night After Night.. I'm a sucker for that back-and-forth hard rock/reggae vibe. I've only heard the NYE one so far.. hope to listen to the Cleveland one, which hits 8 min, soon. In terms of covers, Those Shoes for the MF win! (I really like Simon + Lily too and the extended one from The Bluebird Nightclub is magic. That whole first set is all segues and just off the charts.)

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