Bees and Cancers

  • Folks, I love this community. It's a wonderful community full of awesome people that came together around awesome music. It has provided me with a perfect distraction from my own life and it's current troubles. Most of you know the story of the Bee, so I won't go into that so much. The part of the story that most of you don't know is that the docs found some lesions on my larynx in mid December. I go back on the 31st of January for further testing to find out if its cancer or not and what my treatment plan will be.

    I realize that I may have been leaning on the Spaffnerds Facebook page a little heavily to distract me from the anxiety of it all. I apologize for getting a little extra exuberant with it and will do better.

    Yes, the Bee was created for a couple community members who went through something no parent should ever have to endure. The Bee was created with some of the yarn from my grandmother's stash who passed of Cancer back in 2001. Now I may also face the challenge of fighting it. I don't know yet if it is cancer, but.. the doc that found the lesions was pretty concerned about them. This is why it has been so important to me to see the Bee on tour.

    Anyway, just wanted to explain my erratic behavior. I will go now and leave you all in peace. May you have a Beautiful Day of dancing all the way home!

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    Hoping for the best Darby!!!!

  • I love the bee and love YOU! LOVE AND LIGHT coming your way...I'll try to get a better picture for you at the Chameleon Club!

  • Best wishes and healing vibes going out to you.So thankful for this wonderful community full of wonderful souls such as yourself . “Cuz we’re all in it for the ride!”

  • Good vibes your way.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery, Darby, and I hope I get to meet you at a show at west next month!!!! All the best, Marc

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    @Darbidoll Praying for a clean biopsy homie! Please keep us posted as soon as you find out anything.

  • @Darbidoll you're our girl. Bee well. <3 We are with you.

  • I just realized that I haven't updated my status in here. I'm free and clear. The second scope showed nothing abnormal. I thank all of the Spaffnerd family for their emotional support through that trying time. Love is all around, swarming us like 10,000 bees...

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