Info: Culture and Etiquette

  • Mission

    The mission of the Spaffnerds community is foster the growth of Spafford and its fans. To do this we must make sure that we are creating a welcoming environment where new and old fans can feel at home. Below are some basic guidelines for posting that should help us to satisfy our goals.


    The following basic rules apply to all content on the site. We have a zero tolerance policy for violation of these rules:

    1. Don't be a dick. Foster kindness. You know right from wrong... do right.
    2. Mods are Gods. If they say it... it is. Their word is final and they don't need to explain themselves to you.
    3. Do not participate in activity that harms the band on this site (and in general as well).
      • Do not trade, upload, download, or link to, band released material unless you have express written permission to do so.
      • Do not use band logos or trademarks on any merchandise that you produce without express written permission from the band. If you aren't sure, ask. We can send word to the band on your behalf.

    If you violate these rules you will be banned. Please don't make that happen.

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