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  • Catullus was originally slated as local support for Spafford's show tonight. Since it didn't work out we wanted to give you Nerds a chance to see what they're all about. They're touring the east coast, they've written a rock opera based on Homer's Odyssey, and their debut album is up on Spotify.

    Band Bio:
    "Emerging from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Catullus is building a reputation up and down the East coast for their deep grooving and sweat inducing sets. The ecstatic and energetic music that exudes from the four talented musicians effortlessly oscillates between progressive rock, and electronic untz. Steeped in the improvisational tradition, each set carries with it the potential of 1,000 different paths forged only at the moment of inspiration. The powerful vocal harmonies and lyrics truly makes Catullus a unique experience that is not to be missed... "

    Catullus - Domino Days – 14:37
    — Catullus Band

    "Domino Days" is a part of their soon to be released Rock opera "The Journey". "The Journey" was written by their Guitarist Andrew Meehan and is based of Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey". This song features the part in the poem where Odysseus' crew tears open the bag of winds given to him by Aeolus and blows their ship off course.

    A Maze in Life, their debut album, is available on spotify here:

    You can check out their YouTube channel here:

    And their facebook here:

    Upcoming Tour Dates
    2/16 - Sprout Music Collective - West Chester, Pa w/ Mczwang
    3/31 - The 8x10 - Baltimore, Md w/ Broccoli Samurai
    5/12 - Ardmore Music Hall - Ardmore, PA w/ Runaway Gin
    More dates will be announced shortly. Check their facebook

    Check out their stuff and let's give them a warm, nerdy welcome

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