HowTo: Deep Links to the SpaffBase

  • We want to make sure that the content that we create is rich with links to resources that relate to Spafford, its songs, its performances, and its legal recordings. To do this, you can link your posts to shows and songs in the SpaffBase. This will really help the search engines understand the content that we have to offer, learn about Spafford's history, and share Spafford's performances with the world.

    Linking To Shows

    If you find yourself referencing a show please try to link to the corresponding page in the SpaffBase. URI's are consistent and predictable for setlists. They are formed as follows:

    It won't hurt to mention the city, state, and venue if you know it off the top of your head. You can always browse to the Spafford Setlist Page at: if you need to look any of this up or copy and paste a link.

    Linking to Songs

    If you reference a song you might want to link to it. The lyrics, show history and whatever you say about the song are all great pieces of data to feed into the search engines. URI's to songs are consistent and somewhat predictable. Effectively, they are a lower cased string of the name of the song with "-"'s replacing special characters and spaces. These are much harder to predict and should be looked up on the Spafford Songs Page at:


    We are working on developing a plugin for the site that will allow you to press a special character and then automatically fill in links to Spafford setlists and Spafford songs. In the meantime, this is a manual practice. The mods will often go through existing posts and add links that point to the appropriate content in the SpaffBase. We are hoping to automate a lot of that functionality as we grow.

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