HowTo: Your Profile and Settings

  • Profile

    Your profile has a lot of features, you may not know about them all. Here's a rundown to help you know what you can do!

    Basic Info

    Fill in your basic info so that others know where you're from and the like.

    Group Title (Flair)

    You can use the Group Title to display flair that you may have received. This will be displayed by your name when you post. Currently you can only show one bit of flair but for now that should be enough. Go ahead and click it and if you have flair you can choose which one you want to display.

    Some flair is only an icon. If that's the case you may not any text but instead just see a blank option to choose. Choose it, save it, and go back to your profile. You should see the flair displayed.


    You can change your username whenever you want. We advise against this. The forum does not refresh old posts which referenced your old username. So if somebody "@"'d you in a thread the link will no longer point to your profile. Even though you can change your username whenever, you should pick one and stick to it.


    If you signed up using Google or Facebook the system will automatically set your email for you. You are welcome to change your email at any time. The site does not expose your email to other users.

    If you signed up with an email address (not single sign on) then you can change your email any time. It isn't locked to your account.

    Single Sign On

    We encourage you to add single sign on logins. These help by preventing you from forgetting your password. Otherwise we don't collect any stats or data from your single sign on stuff. Frankly... we don't care about any of that. We just want you to have the smoothest experience on the site.

    Once you create your account using any method you can go into your profile and add the other single sign on authorizations. Just click the relevant buttons and approve the app.

    Deleting Your Account

    Don't go! We love you so!

    But seriously... if you decide to leave us, hit the big red button, confirm, and say bye. Your account will be destroyed.


    You can reach your settings by hitting the 3 dots menu when you are looking at your profile or you can click your profile picture and choose "Settings."

    Settings allow you to control some of the way the site works for you, personally.

    Select A Homepage

    You can change the default homepage that you see when you go to the root of the site. We discourage this but allow the feature should you choose. By skipping the homepage you might miss important announcements or other new features. But you can walk your own path.


    If you're looking to be notified of events on the site there is a better way than email

    You can setup the site to have it email you when people reply to topics you are subscribed to or when somebody initiates a chat and you are not online.

    You can also set the site to send you a digest of the sites content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


    You can choose to expose your full name, and email address. This is disabled by default.
    You can restrict chats to only users that you are following.


    By default you are set to watch all topics that you participate in. You can change that setting here.

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