[WIP] Spafford Tab: The Postman

  • Okay, so its just the intro really but I'll add more later (just like with the My Road tab...its on my list, relax, I didn't forget)


    E|----- 0----------------4\2--2--4--
    B|----- 0----------------5\3--3--5--
    G|----- 1----------------4\2--2--4--
    D|----- 2------2--4/6--6\4--4--6--
    A|----- 2---2/4----------------------

    I think that looks right...pretty much just E>D>E with some fill thrown in...not 100% on the last part, I think Brian might mix it up sometimes just resting on that higher E and ending on the D instead but that could just be in my head.

    As usual, let me know if Im wrong or something or feel free to add more, thanks!

  • @dontjudgedave I’m pretty sure it’s A, not D 🤙

  • @farmerlbilly thanks! I think I had it as A first and then the more I played it the D was sounding better...could actually be like an Asus4 or something. I'll have to try it out when I get a chance and see what sounds better...and also do more of the tab haha

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