Greetings from Atlanta

  • Afternoon everyone!!
    Just wanted to say hello to the community on here. While I have known of this band for 2 years now.. Saturday was the first evening I have experienced them live. Obviously if i am taking the time to join/comment and introduce myself.. you know what I thought...
    I run a catering company in the complex and offered to feed the band before the show... They graciously excepted and to be honest they are some of the nicest folks i’ve had the fortune to meet within the scene.
    Great time.. electric show.. straight fire in my opinion!
    Ill spare a ton of details but it was an epic weekend!!
    Just wanted to say “hi ... my name is Chef Dustin.. and i’m now a spaffnerd”
    We will see ya out there!!

  • $$

    @PanicChefATL Welcome! A lot of us are new to the nerd thing, but with Cam settling in, IMHO we’re all in for watching these guys blow straight the fuck up.

  • @SpaffPrise agreed!!! So great

  • Welcome! Sounds like Spafford did a great job introducing themselves to the rowdy Atlanta crowd! Can't wait to listen to the soundboard when it drops.

  • These guys have recently become one of my all-time favorites. They know how to jam. Love their musical talent!!!

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