"People" & S'Nerds V2 t-shirt pre-order..

  • 6up

    Starting today and ending 3/11/2018 at 4pm EST..
    People & S'nerds V2 shirts
    They will be made of Gildan material
    Available in Men's & Women's sizes..
    People will be $23.50 shipped
    S'nerds will be $26 shipped (printed on both sides)
    for sizes 2XL thru 4XL add 3$ per shirt
    Discounted prices for multiples (only pay shipping once)
    Please state the following info in your comment below..
    -People or V2.. Mens or womens.. Color... Size... & Quantity..
    I will then PM you my paypal link for payment..
    Once paid.. your order is official.. 5_1519948308464_Snerds-Grey-Front.png 4_1519948308464_Snerds-Grey-Back.png 3_1519948308463_Snerds-Blue-Front.png 2_1519948308463_Snerds-Blue-Back.png 1_1519948308463_People-Blue.png 0_1519948308462_People-Black.png

  • These are pretty fucking cool.

  • 6up

    thanks.. so put u down for 3 larges??
    LMFAO :)

  • ... I mean, if you're buying... we're happy to take donations :)

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