TXR Night 2!

  • Eternity AND Legend in the same set! Sooooo jealous. I'm in Columbia South Carolina. FML

  • @mdjabber sucks not to be there, but nothin' wrong with SC ;) grew up in Easley

  • brian's playing in ETS is so beautifully gentle. even over the stream, you can really pick up how he's serenading us through his journey of love. it always touches my heart to hear another man be able to express himself so openly, night after night, to people he knows, doesn't know. Maybe there's someone in the audience he likes, maybe there's another he doesn't like. Within the music, all these differences become part of the same vibration. The band is complimenting him so well, joining him in the laughs, the tears, the peaks and valleys. Just when I start thinking lonely is taking over as my favorite Spafford song, the band crushes an ETS out of the park.

    naturally goes into alternate ending :P

  • @bmrobin Ya know...I just realized that migjrbe come off the wrong way! I had tickets for last night and tonight then this work thing got scheduled and I had to connect through Charlotte and I'm not even on my preferred airline...THAT is the FML part of it. :-) AND no time to see the city because I leave tomorrow night!

    This show is SOOOO good.

  • @RadiantDarkness Well said...I think some of his greatest moments are those quiet stretches when he just tickles the strings all over the neck...and, of course, most people start talking. NOT starting a chopper discussion...just pointing out that it's easy to miss those subtle moments of brilliance.

  • @mdjabber Chomper, that is...damn autocorrect

  • This was my first Spafford show and I was completely blown away. I look forward to seeing them every chance I get!

  • @wtu Awesome...they hook ya REAL quick!

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