Spafford tab: Ain't That Wrong

  • This is what I have for all of the verses, and the chorus of Ain't That Wrong.

    Verse: Gm and C9

    Gm= 3-5-5-3-3-3
    C9= x-3-2-3-x-3


    Bb major: 6-8-8-7-6-6

    Eb Major: x-8-10-10-10-10

    C Major: 8-10-10-9-8-8

    G Major: x-10-12-12-12-12

    Brian looks to be playing the Eb and G major in minor actually, but I tried it out and the Major sounded more correct. Let me know if you have more knowledge on what the chords are! Solo in G minor pentatonic blues over the verse sounds good as well :)

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