HowTo: Real Time Notifications using Pushbullet

  • Spaffnerds is capable of sending realitime notifications to your mobile device. It does this by using the Pushbullet app and service. This is a free app, there is no charge to you.

    Video Walkthroughs

    Setup is very easy and takes less than five minutes. Instructions are below, but we've also made help videos that walks you through setup.


    Spaffnerds - Pushbullet Realtime Notifications - IOS Setup – 04:33
    — Spaffnerds

    NOTE: Some users had an issue where notifications didn't appear after initial setup. If you press the "test" button and you don't get a message you may need to open the Pushbullet app, log out of Pushbullet, and then log back into Pushbullet. This seems to have corrected the issue. Contact @damian if you have problems.


    Spaffnerds - Pushbullet Realtime Notifications - Android Setup – 04:45
    — Spaffnerds

    Setting Up Notifications

    This assumes you're doing this from your mobile device. The instructions from desktop are very similar you'll just need to go to the appstore on your device and install the Pushbullet app.

    • Make sure you are logged into the spaffnerds website.
    • Edit your profile or settings and click the triple dot menu
      • Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click "Pushbullet"
    • Now choose "Get it for..." for your appropriate device
      • Install the app from the app store
      • Follow the prompts to create an account
        • On Android, make sure to enable the notifications option, other options are optional. This can be ignored on IOS
    • Go back to the spaffnerds website where you should still be in the "Pushbullet" settings screen
      • Click "Associate account with Pushbullet"
        • Click the "Approve" button

    You are now all setup.

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