Cherry Busting!!

  • FINALLY attending my first Spafford show in Bellingham tonight!! Got a 4 hour drive & a border crossing ahead of me yet, but in 12 hours I'll be walking in the door of The Shakedown & gettin' ready to KILL IT!!

    This one's been a long time coming... SO STOKED!! :D

  • $$$

    Have fun tonight my man! I'm definitely missing not being able to see these dudes!

  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah BUDDY!

    Moss must have gotten word about snowpacolypse on the east coast and decided to melt everything in his path on this west coast leg. Take a picture of your face before the show as you won't be able to recognize it afterwards.

  • Oh. Shit. Yeah. Fucking dance party last night!! Little rough around the edges this mornin!

  • @BCKeither So pumped you loved it, Keither! Here's to MANY more!!

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