Bug Report: Changed Username on Forum -> Broken User on Spaffbase

  • Who do I need to talk to about a bug I found on spaffnerds.com related to linking your spaffbase shows to your username?

  • That would definitely be me :)

  • @damian Excellent thanks!
    So I switched my username from gwhitejr649 to Spidergawd (was having a moment while listening to Garcia), and it seems like my old username is still linked to spaffnerds.com (where the spaffbase is, shows, songs, etc) and my new username is linked to everything from forum.spaffnerds.com. I have tried logging out many times and clearing my cache but nothing seems to work?
    When I login it takes me to the forum.spaffnerds and my Spidergawd username is displayed, but when I go to shows or my spaffbase (or anything under spaffnerds.com), the site displays gwhitejr649? So there seems to be some disconnect between the 2 sites? When I click on my spaffbase under my Spidergawd username, I get an error message, so I seems like the old username is still linked to all things under spaffnerds.com?
    Hope this made sense. Thanks doe the help!

  • You're awesome! This is a known bug. I figure it affects a bunch of people and they don't say anything. I'm glad you did.

    At this point this is a straight manual fix. I have to actually edit the date ( BARF ) in the datastore manually. But we're working on some fixes that should correct this problem. It's actually in the backlog to be done.

    I've fixed it for you and tested it. It's working. My apologies for the inconvenience.


  • @damian I changed my username from kwb1857 to FL - AF and seem to have had this issue. Thanks for any help!

  • @FL-AF I fixed your username and tested it. It looks like it's working but please reply here if you have any issues. Also... add a profile pic so you're not just a big purple "F" :)

  • @damian done. TY

  • @FL-AF we aim to please. :)

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