Thank You!

  • Nerds! We've got nothing to give away or tell you about. We just wanted to take a moment and say, "Thank you." This community is incredible and as it grows we see new faces with the same kind, generous, and inclusive attitude as those who have been with the band since the beginning. The For Amusement Only tour was everything that we, as fans, hoped that it would be for the band and it's community. The tour was aptly named as we were truly amused. We loved it. We can't wait for the festival circuit and all that the band has in store in the next chapter.

    Stay tuned... same nerd time... same nerd channel...


  • @damian no Thank You! We could go on like this for awhile, lol. But seriously, these guys are what the world needs these days and they could not have arrived more on point! So much fun watching them take the states by storm, they've exploded literally since even last fall and early spring. Well-deserved. Glad the "good guys" are on a winning streak. Anyway, best to you, and thank you. These guys deserve the success and more. And all you Spaffnerds out there, keep on representing as the bestest fans there are. The best bands are matched by fans that can earn the same title. It's early, but we can do it. Meanwhile, don't forget to come back and visit regular like. K?

  • Thanks Damian and team Spaff for keeping the community going!

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