2011 blog article / interview with brian

  • stumbled upon this interview on a now-defunt blog jambandfriendly.com from october 2011 (remember occupy wall street? holy shit that feels like 30 years ago).

    it touches on a lot of interesting early days of spafford stuff. definitely worth the read.

    my favorite part:

    Chris and I back line a church group amongst the other acts we are involved with. When Nick came to town he went to the church and saw us playing. It was soon after that we were talking to him about needing a drummer. His response was “I play auxiliary percussion”. At the time we didn’t need anything like that, but a week later saw him playing on a full drum set. He was unbelievable and we said “that is not auxiliary percussion buddy”. We went up to him and wanted to know if he would like to join the band and why he didn’t first tell us that he was a skilled drummer. Nick’s response was, “I didn’t think it was really relevant”. After that he was in the band.


  • @Night-Train Nice! Haven't seen that one before!

  • Thanks for the share. And look 7 years later they are playing MSG!!!

  • @Night-Train this is an amazing interview. Thanks for sharing. It adds a few pieces to the puzzle to the mystery. Genius?

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