April Fool's: Tortfeasnerds Still Available

  • Nerds! That was fun. The April Fool's gag got incredible feedback, and use, from the community. It was really fun putting it together and launching it. Believe it or not we did that in less than 1 week's time. In case you missed it, or you just want another go at whack-a-nerd, you can still find the reskinned site and the game available at the following locations:


    The gag wouldn't have been possible without the incredible contributions of (in no particular order) @robAF, @Cody, and @Lopez. Cody did the bulk of the artwork including the Nerd and his captions, Rob chose and assembled the memes and even threw in some surprises to me, and Lopez came through in the 11th hour to make sure you got to see the memes on the game over screen. Never forget rule #1: Teamwork makes the dream work.

    We've got some other cool stuff planned around the corner. Stay tuned... same nerd time, same nerd channel.

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