Spafford Audio Streaming Website

  • I'm currently creating an audio streaming site for Spafford live tapes. They audio will be lossless and will feature legally circulated audio, primarily soundboard and audience recordings from It will be very similar in effect to in that you browse by year/show through a simplistic interface. I want to see how much interest there is in the community to gauge about how much hosting I'm going to need to set up before launching the site. Please help me out by answering yes/no if you would use a site like this and how often. Takes 2 seconds and helps me a ton!

  • Yes. For sure

  • I would check out as well as - both are pretty much the same set up but allows accounts to save playlists and such which would be awesome for spafford. I believe pulls from phishtracks actually while relisten is from archive. Im sure it wouldnt be "super" difficult to have it pull the information from the spafford archive instead

    Id also contact @damian maybe you guys could work on setting it up through this site keep everything in one place

  • Yeah playlists is something I'd definitely want to implement eventually, but probably not for the initial release.

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