Premiere: Leave The Light On

  • Nerds! Get your first taste of the "For Amusement Only" album!

    Also be sure to head over to the Guitar World FB post and give it a like and a share.

    Whats everyone's thoughts on this track? Really digging it so far. I think its awesome they actually created a studio version of the track and are not just jamming it in the studio.

  • @Lopez I totally agree. The studio version is great. I am definitely more pumped to hear the rest of the album now.

  • A

    That’s a good point. I found myself longing for the jam, but I’ll have to relisten with the “this is an album” mindset

  • 5min LTLO? #wedontjam

    But being serious, I dig it. Sounds really great and the short little "jam" was nice. For a band thats moniker is "we jam" to release that first I think is more of a statement to that. "heres a 5min single" then people like it and realize that they haven't played in under 15min (besides sandwiches) in a long time as far as I know

    Could work as a nice intro to the band for some people

  • #1: Harmonies. Amazing
    #2: Well paced. Sounds strong. Easy to turn somebody on to the band with this.
    #3: When they hear the 25 minute live version they may find g*d

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