late night down under. ATL

  • Moved to spafford discussion. Please be careful about where you post :).

    Also, if you have video of the whole show, let me know. We can get this added to the spaffbase if they are full songs. We just had put out a pretty solid release of video from down front but there's no reason these can't be added to the playlist as well.

  • 4k , the time length wieghts heavy on the mobile device. Averaging 4 +GB per 6mins. There really is only a couple phones out on the market that can even run video in true 4K .

    Example the newest and greatest galaxy, a curved screen ,waterproof, unbelievable shock proof..... says it run 4K ,but the 10-minute Max ( ding ding ding) videos , with a high level of megapixels aren't exactly true 4K. Close but that only counts in hand grenades throwing in horseshoes. Ha

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